Friday, August 16, 2019

white heat white lights

Another outfit inspired by a podcast episode?!

I can't help it, I listen to A LOT of podcasts
my commute is 2 hours.

Today's inspiration is "White Heat White Lights" episode from the podcast Memory Palace:

 Mainly because the AC was not working at my office and it felt like it was 1892 in there!

I loved these quotes from the "White Heat White Lights" episode:
"Some were running from, some were running towards, 
some where born there, born with the city in their veins" 

"And everyone, all these bodies rushing, always trying to get somewhere 
because that's what you did in New York, that's what you do"

 What I Wore: glasses- c/o Bellinger Eyewear via 10/10 Optics, eyeshadow- Urban Decay "Naked" Palette, lips- Rimmel "Nude Delight", earrings- Julie Vos "Penelope Stud Small", necklace- Julie Vos "Coin Charm" & "Elephant Pendant", top- Who What Wear x Target, shorts- Gap, flats- YRU via Poshmark

When the air condition is working this post from on Facebook 
is extremely accurate:

We are definitely in the season of "Sweat Hell" right now:

To combat "Sweat Hell" a commute beer is a necessity, 
this "Resin" brew from SixPoint gets.the.job.done. @ 9.1%...
good thing my hubby picks me up on Fridays!

 Meanwhile at home...

The dogs are huffin' & puffin" but Arnold is sitting pretty:

Trying to embrace the last days of summer 
but not going to lie, 
I am excited for some fall weather/food/layers!

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