Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"I'm starting to be where I need to be"

"Last year I was a trainwreck, now I'm just a mess
I'm letting go so I don't lose myself
I'm starting to be where I need to be...
It feels like I've been taking the long way for a while now
Haven't been at home in more years than I care to say
I keep letting my past cover what the present shouldn't be
What I shouldn't be"

Shout out to my coworker/friend Olivia for sharing this song with me
 in my amazing "emma!" custom playlist on Spotify {you're the best!}

Today marks exactly one year since I started my career in fashion, 
& since then have moved to my Wholesale Fulfillment Manager position 
(yes I got a promotion!!) 
at the jewelry company Julie Vos and am LOVING it!

It really is true, your entire life can change in a year!

Felt very Carrie Bradshaw in today's outfit:
{source: an oldie from @michelgypsywarrior on Instagram, from Sex & The City}

What I Wore: glasses- Zenni Optical, necklace- Kendra Scott, top- Target, skirt- Who What Wear x Target, flats- Chanel {gift from my hubby} 

 Had an even more Carrie Bradshaw moment when we went to a going away party after work,
I mean LOOK at this VIEW!

I mean this could pic could be me and my coworkers:

I loved this post from my friend Walter on Facebook:

Even though I am incredibly happy with my career change and my new life,
it is still amazing to get these messages from former students:
Teaching feels like a lifetime ago,
 but at least my students are continuing to pass on my love for science and they will continue to inspire the next generation and I am so proud!

The more I think about my transition into the fashion world from teaching science, 
it becomes more and more obvious that I should have known
 that this was what I was suppose to be doing the whole time. 

I was talking to my dad and he said that he recently had my high school history teacher in his office as a patient and she asked what I was up to and my dad told her that I recently started a career in fashion and she said she was not surprised because she still has a handbag that I made from old jeans in high school.
I had totally forgotten about those bags that I made, I used to cut the pants, 
splatter paint them and embroider them.

I looked at my dad and said "WHY WAS I NOT IN FASHION SCHOOL FROM THE START?!"
I have always loved this shit! 

Then I started thinking even further back to when my obsession with fashion started and here is a quick list (in no particular order)

"I should have known":

1. I have been making and selling string bracelets since I was a CHILD,
complete with a huge string kit (completely organized by color of course)
2. My favorite part of Italy as a kid was looking at all the high end shops, roaming markets and shopping!
3. I made those up cycled denim bags and sold them to everyone 
& I used to custom distress and paint my jeans
4. I have been constantly inspired by people's personal style since before I can remember, 
I would always think "Why do people choose to wear what they wear, where do they get their clothes and how do they put together outfits" (had these thoughts WAY before I started blogging)
5. There was nothing better than buying a Teen Vogue magazine (especially before a flight)
6. Speaking of those magazines, I used to cut out inspiring pictures and collect things I loved and collage them into a "year folder" that I would tape together and carry all year, I need to dig these out of my parents house, I know they are somewhere!
7. Highlights of my childhood were trips where my mom used to take us to NYC to stay in a hotel and explore!
8. One of my favorite parts of being in a sorority at Rider was picking fabric for my letters
9. I have loved thrifting and putting together different outfits forever
10. I have been obsessed with finding fun/bright/sparkly eyewear since I was in 8th grade!

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