Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wanted & Warning! KL Polish is GOOB!

I am so saddened by the news that KL Polish is closing down, 
I have loved this line by Kathleen Lights since it started.
The polish is amazing, long lasting, easy to apply and have a nice flat brush.
I also love the color options, seasonal collections & limited editions.

After confirmation of KL Polish closing, 
I immediately placed an order for some of the polishes I have had on my wishlist for a while,
I think I may have blacked out on the website...

They also released a "Special Edition" of the shades Zoey & Caramello, 
I own both but my sister loves the shade Zoey,
 so I decided to get a new one and give her my old one.
I was saddened when I saw online that these "Special Editions" are probably left over caps
 from the Das Esspensive that never happened this year =(

Apparently I wasn't the only one rushing to get some polishes:

I was nervous that all the polishes I ordered would actually arrive due to the high volume 
and chaos that is probably going on behind the scenes...
but they did and I am so happy!

Here is my full KL Polish collection {colors listed below}

Zoey "Special Edition" | Caramello | Brick Sidewalk | Mami Martha {limited edition}

 Pistachio Ice Cream | Das Esspensive XXVI | Das Esspensive XXV | 305 | Medusa 

Taurus {KL Polish x Colourpop} | Marshmallow Sunset | Sophie | Virgo

Special love my Das Esspensive polishes, 
they are as good as everyone talks about!

As you can see the "Special Edition" Zoey does look like that cap 
was suppose to be the latest edition: 

These are the polishes I want, that are still stock (as of writing this post) 
but I have yet to order:
Winter Is Coming | Tuxedo Mask | Point Zero
Cafe Disco | Lumiere | 1435

These are the polishes that I wanted (some of them A LOT)
and that are now sold out forever, some are not even on the website anymore =(
Aquarius 2 | Cassiopeia | Charmed 
Chloe | Scorpio | Selene

It definitely sucks because I was planning on placing an order for the next Das Esspensive release and we were always told the other polishes were "not limited edition, they will be restocked" 
& now they are going out of business =(

This formula is great, I will miss seeing new releases from KL Polish
I hope Kathleen Lights comes back even bigger and better!

As the prices start to drop even further, 
I may consider crossing even more off my wishlist.

Have you tried KL Polish?
What are your thoughts?!

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