Saturday, February 23, 2019

February Humble Beauty Opinion #63

I love this sketch that I spotted hanging at the Princeton Record Exchange

I love this "insider tip" cartoon from lorynbrantz on Instagram:

 It's the last Saturday of the month so it is my Humble Beauty Opinion post!

Let's start with my monthly subscriptions, 
1st up Ipsy, and this month was a good one!
I love the lip print of the bag & have been enjoying every product.
I love the purple color of the Chella liner, 
the Meech And Mia shadow in "Caramel" is good,
 I do wish it had some more color payoff. 
The face wash is okay, I prefer my apricot scrub,
 the MAC foundation was exciting at first but the sample is to little 
you can barely get the little sponge into it... 
So I ended up breaking it up and adding it to my current powder foundation, 
don't have time or space for that...

The stunner of this month's bag is the Belle En Argent lipstick in "I'll Bring Dessert" it is AMAZING! I love the formula and the color, it has quickly become a favorite, 
see it on my face HERE

This month's Sephora Play was ehhh, 
not too exciting and arrived pretty late in the month so I still need to try some of the products, 
but many were repeats (like the fresh rose face mask which is just okay & a repeat bite lipstick)
I was excited to try the Milk "Blur Stick", this is the first Milk product I've tried, 
initially I was like "Is this even doing anything, is it even going on my face" but the result does look more poreless & dare I say it "Blurred"?!
Not sure it is something I would buy but it is nice to play with

I recently got news that I was getting the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue VoxBox
 from Influenster, I have never tried a stick foundation before 
and am excited to give this one a go!

They sent me the shade "Opal 1" and it is a little light but I think I like it so far,
pretty nice coverage with one swipe and blends nicely!

 When Colourpop came out with their different color mascaras, I was excited
but was really hoping that the next product would be fun eyeliner & low and behold,
they have arrived! 

I have been searching for an affordable red liquid liner for over a year at this point,
and I had to try these out... which led to me picking out a couple other things I've been waiting from Colourpop:
 I am excited to try all those new products out!

 I do have a couple of things on this month's makeup wishlist:

These Moon Shifters are so pretty!
I love the Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon & Moonlight shades:

Wet n Wild put out their limited edition Rebel Rose collection 
& I really want to try that black cream blush!

The rose brushes are so cute too!

 YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recently went through her skin care routine on Instagram stories, 
I had to screen shot this bliss micro magic face wash because she said it is her favorite and she likes an intense scrub, I will have to try it out! 

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated 
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Revlon "Colorsilk Intense Red" x 2- been loving this color lately, super bright! / Trader Joe's Hand Soap Lavender & Camomile- we've been loving this hand soap! Definitely will repurchase! / The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory- I like this lotion but it is not my favorite, not as hydrating as their pot lotions / Pink "Fresh & Clean" body wash- I got this as a gift for Christmas and really enjoyed it! Smells nice and feels hydrating! Reminded me of how nice the Victoria Secret products can be / Dr. Bronner's bar soap x 2 we get these from Trader Joe's and love them / Summer's Eve "Simply Sensitive Cleansing Cloths"- love these especially for travel / Milk Essence Mask Sheet- got this in Thailand and loved it! Very hydrating / Colgate "Clean Mint"- a good travel toothpaste / Tom's "Original Care" deodorant- my husband loves this, I am not that big of a fan, I just don't think it really works... 

beauty: Nexxus hair spray- this was from my travel bag and lasted a surprising amount of time, it is okay, don't think I would get the same one again / Leopard print washi tape- so sad this is done, loved it, it is surprisingly strong though / equate "Makeup Remover" 10 pack- also had these in my travel bag and loved them, these are still my favorite makeup wipes / Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- this is my favorite eyeshadow primer, I have a full size my sister's gave me for my birthday that will last for a while / Cover FX "Custom Enhancer Drops"- I'm not a huge of liquid highlighter but I added this one to my foundation and enjoyed it / Youth To The People "Kale & Spinach Green Tea" moisturizer- this was really nice, I really enjoyed it / Caudalie "Vinoperfect"- I liked this serum but the dropper kinda sucked / Essbee's Mango Butter Balm- really enjoyed this chap stick but it got a little messy/melty at the end, I need to get a new one! / MAC "NC30 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation- like I said in my Sephora Play review, too small of a sample to get the sponge in there so I broke it up to use in my powder / Summit Brow Base- I used to love this for spot correcting like a concealer but it got all dried up =( / OPI "Wipe Off" nail polish remover wipes- I like these but they leave my hand a little greasy / Lineage "Water Bank Moisture Cream"- I loved this moisturizer 

scents: ScentSationals from Walmart in "Date Night"- I loved these cologne scents / Better Homes & Gardens from Walmart "Mahogany & Sandalwood"- one of my favorite scents for my warmers /  Mahogany Driftwood from Walmart- love these candles too!

In other beauty news, 
last night before we were going to bed and setting our alarms for today, 
I asked my husband why he was getting up earlier than I was
 and if he had a lot of makeup to put on and he said, 
"Well, I am going to shower, walk the dogs, have coffee, and eat breakfast 
while you are upstairs matching your eyeshadow to your socks."

This was my face: 😧
 What a jerk.

But he is not exactly wrong...

Happy humble beauty opinion.

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