Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Funday :: Thrift Trips (& new phone who dis?)

I am no longer carrying around an iPhone 6S+ that has been a landline for the last year + 
Seriously just from listening to a podcast while getting ready for work 
my phone would go from 100% charged to 25% in a matter of 2 hours. 

A couple of weeks ago I made a little upgrade to the iPhone 8+ in the (Product)Red color
I wanted a phone that obviously held a charge for more than an hour,
 still had a home button and had portrait mode for the camera:

Got a new pug iPhone case from Amazon and a new Monet card wallet for my train tickets!
So excited & love how it all works together!

The first pic I took with my new phone:

The portrait mode is so good!

So happy to step up my outfit pics with my new phone!

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel, necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top- American Apparel, sweater- Primark, belt- Coach {second hand}, pants- Loft {thrifted}, booties- Target 

My big invited us down to a new Goodwill that was opening in her town,
I got so much good stuff- 2 sweaters, 2 tops, 2 pairs of pants & 1 pair of glitter booties

Loved these glitter booties {Old Navy girl's booties},
I am obsessed with them!

 I also got that bottom left pink/white cross, 
I couldn't believe I found it because it is the same as the black one at the top! 

Charlie also found the vintage car sear cover of his dreams, 
he was been wanting one of these for a while, 
I can't believe he found one at the Goodwill!

Got all that stuff for like $30!

 We headed to Double Nickel for some brews!

I had the "Looper" NE IPA which was good, 
I also really liked the "Failed Resolution" Hazy IPA

Thanks for inviting us down and for the beers Big & Kevin:

We also hit up the Cubano X-Press food truck:

So yummy! 

The best kind of Sunday Funday!

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