Saturday, January 4, 2014

the struggle of 2014

So I know that 2014 has just started, 
but I am not lying to you when I say that the shit has been hitting the fan since the beginning of 2014.

Our bully Maggie got spayed last week,
I have been hanging out with the cone head...

With her shaved tummy,
I have been carrying this booty up and down the stairs for days

Then today, I noticed a lump around the incision,
and Maggie has continued to have blood in her urine, 
so we had to take her back to the vet.

Which made a very sad pug... 

Turns out all the times we thought Maggie was "in heat"
she has a bladder infection.
my poor bully 
{& our poor wallets...}

Speaking of our poor wallets,
our septic pipe started leaking on Friday...
cue plumer & good bye some more moolah.

Before the pipe leakage another issue occurred.
My closet collapsed. 
Like domino effect style.
Too much weight I suppose...
Had to take them apart rebuild them, 
had to move clothes into another part of the house.
It forced me to go through my stuff & give away items that I really don't wear anymore

Now I have to beg the hubby to install the pipe I want for the attic...

Speaking of the contents of the attic, 
I originally wanted to share the struggle that I have had 
to get my hands on the Emma clutch from Kate Spade

I have wanted it since for 5 years.
I even blogged about it when I first started this blog 
{check out the terrible blog post here- my my we have come along way...}

Well for the close to $400 price tag, I never made the leap. 
I went to do it this September, but I realized that it was GONE.
Sold out. 

I contacted Kate Spade and begged them for one.
They offered me a list of retailers that may have them,
no such luck. 

They have two on Ebay for a hefty price tag of $600...
I was like "Damn I didn't want to pay the original price & now it is double!"

But driving home one night, I found one on Poshmark for $200
& immediately thought "This is my chance, go go!"
After 2 months of waiting, contacting seller and keeping my hopes up,
it never came. 
The money came & went and I never received the item.
I was extremely reluctant, but I had to cancel the order.

I have pretty much given up the search,
but then I found this Emma Cosmetic Clutch on Ebay for $70!

& it comes with all this stuff!


 It sits on my window in my attic closet with an & sign and a Charlie perfume bottle that I took from my Nonna's house!

I love it!

While out with my big from my sorority we stopped by the Kate Spade store in Princeton, NJ
& I found the notebook version {$14}!
Can't wait to use this for my blog ideas! 

Another namesake in the attic that I am obsessed with is my "Mrs. Zielinski" hanger that my maid of honor {& sister} Bianca got me for my bridal shower!

I am pretty sure 2014 can only go up from here. 
Rough life these days...

At least I am on my new budgeting plan,
haven't bought anything the new year {yet}
I am sticking to my  New Years resolution...
I've got that going for me...


Jannatul Rahamoni said...

Hope she ll be fine <3

emmabasilone said...

thank you! we hope so too, she seems to be improving!