Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shopping Cart Saturdays

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I most certainly do

I think it is formally known as "Shopping Cart Syndrome" 
When you place things in an online shopping cart {or in real life I guess...}
to hold them there to almost feel like you are buying them,
or holding until you purchase.

This will probably be a new segment on Behind The Leopard Glasses, 
especially with my new budget session {aka handing over responsibility of the funds}
there is a lot of shopping cart storage going on, 

One of my biggest shopping carts consistently is my Etsy account,
this is what it currently looks like:
+ even more...

In my shopping cart I want:
I want these for Valentines Day... hopefully the hubby is getting them ASAP or after reading this ;)

I am also really CRAVING this bracelet
JewelMint {$30}

Those are all the items that I have stashed away,
hopefully I can convince my hubby to "Place those orders"!

Come back tomorrow for some actual Sunday Shopping! 

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