Saturday, January 25, 2014

shipping cart saturdays= Peter Pilotto for Target!

If you have been following for a while, 
I am obsessed with Target designer collections!
The fun patterns of the new Peter Pilotto for Target make it a must see/have for me!

{click to see details & whole collection from Peter Pilotto for Target}

When I see loud patterns, I think "yes please" where other critics say "ugly- no thank you"

I want one pouch & one tote!

I also want one of these blouses- learning towards red...

If I get the red above, I am going with the black & while skirt,

Also going to go with this blue & white sweatshirt 

I love the patterns of this blazer & this cardigan sweater,
leaning towards the seemingly fishnet sleeves of the cardigan 

I love this striped t-shirt!

Love the dresses in the collection, I think the one with the grey {on the right} 
will get the most wear in my wardrobe... 

Perhaps the #1 item on my wish list are these black pants with grey detailing,
I have never successfully bought pants from a Target collection 
{wanted them from the Philip Lim Collection, those blue trousers!}

Also loving/wanting these sunglasses & bathing suit 
{even though the thought of wearing a bathing suit is terrifying right now,
 since it was -2 degrees the other day}

Overall, any collection with a fun pattern and color pallet can count me in!
Looking forward to Feb 9th!

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