Saturday, January 18, 2014

shopping cart Saturday

Here are my weekly items hanging out in limbo shopping carts:

1st up: hopes

Currently in my cart:

Also loving this "Happy Ending" sweater, but can't seem to find it in store anymore:

You snooze you loose with Hopes because everything is so cute it sells out!

Next up: ModCloth
{P.S. I just read a New York Times article about ModCloth- so interesting!}

Shoes of Note flats {$65} aka perfect teacher shoes!

3rd up: Daily Look

How perfect would this be for Valentines season?!

I love this little eyeglass cosmetic bag! {$19}
Sold out =(
I want to stock things like this when I finally open a brick & mortar shop {5 year plan}! 

5th up: H&M

Pug sweater {$10}

6th up: Some other instagram finds that I have been loving + storing:

 {$16- I may have to have her invoice me so I don't loose this! I have velvet fever!}


Anything in your shopping cart? 
Let me know!


Ashtastical said...

OMG! I am ordering that pug sweater right now! Pug love!
-Ashley (

Jannatul Rahamoni said...

the vintage bag is really cute ♥