Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

Perhaps the end to a five year saga,
I originally blogged about in Feb 2011 & have loved it ever since!
But for the price tag of $328 I never could pull the trigger.
I tried many times to get it on sale, & most recently tried {unsuccessfully} to get it on PoshMark

I FINALLY got the Emma clutch from Kate Spade!
I had three people contact me to tell me that the Emma clutch was re-released as part of the surprise sale!
I literally screamed! 

I did get the Emma Cosmetic Clutch on Ebay out of despair, 
& the Emma notebook from the Kate Spade in Princeton! 
 Collection is finally complete! 
So excited!

Another awesome purchase that I have been wanting for many years is the Candy Yum Yum lipstick from MAC!
Great excuse to purchase it when I made a return at Macy's!

My first MAC product! 
So bright & perfect!

I also picked up this zebra print vest- it was 75% off clearance- making it $19 {& used a gift card!}

I also loved {but didn't purchase} his Karen Scott blouse, so summery, reminded me of a picnic!

Then I had to make a return at Home Goods,
The Home Goods in Princeton always has an impressive set up when you walk in,
this $2,000 train is no exception!

I also loved this ghost chair!
One day I will own this for my makeup station in the attic closet.

I also loved this chevron mirror,
would be perfect for the stairs going down in my house!

& this lamp was too interesting!

Then I found this puppy display of bullies!

& I had to pick up this mug for my sister!

too cute & looks like her new puppy Ellie!

I also got my sister these awesome Breaking Bad earrings from SleepyMountain on Etsy!

I also wanted this anchor sweater from Old Navy,
I will have to go back & pick it up!

& I always love their nerdy Hello Kitty merchandise! 

I also can't wait to get my "Press for Champagne" frame for my gallery wall in the attic!
{from Trays Chic}

Happy Sunday Shopping!

Preparing to watch the NY Rangers take on the NJ Devils in Yankee Stadium for the outdoor game!
Let's go Rangers!

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