Monday, January 6, 2014


I bring you my NYE outfit & adventure!

And add another layer of sparkle... 

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, necklace & sequin blazer- Urban Outfitters, earrings- Clair's, top- Megan Nelson, skirt- gift from  my sister Silvia, stockings & bag- Forever 21, flats- Express {a deal at $13!}, undies- free from Victoria's Secret, lips- Revlon "Sweetheart Valentine", eye makeup- Naked3 & J.Cat beauty "Sparkling Cream Palette" from ipsy 

A perfect NYE mani monday! 
Too much fun with Pink- "Start the Party" & Milani "Gems"

This year we went to The Vault in Yardley, PA for their annual hop drop NYE party!
There are huge balloons over head filled with hops that explode at midnight 
Along with unlimited food & drinks = one super fun night!

Hop Drop at midnight!

the results...

Of course we had to undo/redo the fun by some hair of the dog 
and went back to The Vault to find this guy...

Next year I will be rocking this top {hopefully!}
$69 from Urban Outfitters- waiting for it to go on sale,
{as seen & admired on Steffy's Pros and Cons}

Happy New Year!

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Glitter_and_Gloss said...

Um, how darn cute did you look?? Happy New Year!