Tuesday, January 7, 2014

my "snow dance" top

The weather has been crazy these days!
inches of snow, ice storms, temperatures in the negative- then back to 50s!

I haven't had a real day of school since December 20th! 
This is the shirt I wear when I am hoping for a snow day- so far so good! 

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, top- thrifted, necklace-shopspikethepunch , scarf- Marc Jacobs for Target & Neiman Marcus via beulloascloset on instagram, pants- Target, flats- Forever 21, lips- Benefit "dandelion" lipgloss, eye makeup- Naked3 


These are what my snow days look like...

When I finally opened the door to the arctic outside,
I found this little gem sitting on the stairs!
It would be perfect with this outfit, but there was no way I was going back out there...
"Sapphire Plume Pendant" score from baublebar's sale for $22! 
It is amazing in person!

Anyone else over this crazy winter? Spring where are you?!

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Glitter_and_Gloss said...

Oh girl, I think I would literally die in that weather! Keep warm! <3