Saturday, March 23, 2013

who lives in a pineapple

First day of spring break = rocking my new pineapple shirt from Tea and Tulips
Best part about getting this top?
It came with instant outfit idea from Tea and Tulips:
I was like,
"I have those pants too!"


What I Wore: glasses- c/o Proopticals, top- Tea & Tulips, necklace- Forever 21 {gift from sister-in-law}, belt- Target, pants- GAP, flats- Target, bag- MAC Rebecca Minkoff


A happy mail day when my fishbone bracelet arrived from Ell and Emm!
{other arm candy: ships- Kate Spade, New Jersey- Gypsy Warrior, strings- Mexico & Italy, evil eye- Rachel Roy}

Went on an adventure today to the new Urban Outfitters in Princeton:

Some super cute items to lust after,
resisted the adorable animal face flats in the last picture, 
justified by the fact that I did get these swan flats.

Fell in love with this hello kitty print button up the mens section,
the only one around & was $9... needless to say... it came home with me.

my scores!
love this print!

Scored this purple ring for $2!

originally I went to see if they had this hologram nail polish, apparently it is online only,
but they ordered it for me and waived the shipping costs! 
saved me $10! 
if I love it I may have to get the other colors too...

Also got some new drug store products to try for spring:
Can't wait to try these new nail colors &  baby lips
 and got my first eyebrow kit, really makes a lot of difference!
I suppose watching thousands of youtube videos makes me want to try all this new stuff!

So I will be spending my spring break:
1. trying not to go shopping
2. playing with makeup & nails
3. hanging out with these guys:

Already loving this break!

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