Wednesday, January 25, 2023

eye spy (+ what I'm watching)

Hanging in the car while daddy picks up some snacks!

What I Wore: glasses- Vooglam, earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- Alefbet Jewelry, top- Forever 21, pants- Old Navy, boots- via Poshmark

A little What Im Watching on this Wednesday!
I mostly hate watch this show... 
I just don't think it is very good, 
yes I watch it for the fashion (which I also don't particularly like) 
and the drama (which is quite ridiculous) 
but it is a good back ground show πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️

I did love this leopard face print jacket- found online HERE

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On rented on YouTube:
We also paid (I know, right) to watch this movie, 
and I would do it all over again. 
After hearing the creators talk about it on the podcast, Death Sex & Money
I knew I had to find a way to watch this.

It is so thoughtful, cute, and funny.
I really enjoyed this.

Well this was dark to say the least. 
This guy is so unstable I can't believe so many people watched, promoted 
and supported him without getting him mental help. 
No wonder why he ended up in New Jersey State Prison... not too far from where I live

This was traumatizing. 
Simultaneously brings you back to the days of college while 
making you terrified about all the things that could have gone terribly wrong.
Oh god- that episode of the girl from Robbinsville, NJ (a town right next to mine)
who got in a car she thought was her Uber?!
absolutely heartbreaking

I was mesmerized by this series.
I felt like it got crazier and crazier in every episode. 
Of course I believe every woman in this show- 
how could you look at this situation and not believe there was rampant sexual assault and abuse?!
Irregardless if the bunnies were paid or "looked happy"...
Wild to me.

Barry on HBO:
We just finished all three seasons of Barry,
this show is pretty dark.
I enjoyed it but it has some very graphic and sometimes abrupt scenes. 
Hank is my favorite character 

The Circle "Singles" on Netflix:
I LOVE this reality show.
I think the "singles" aspect was pretty forced and not necessary but I still loved this season.
This season has so many characters that I loved: Raven, Chaz and Sam

What are you watching these days?
I need some new shows!

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