Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Shopping!

Let's start this Sunday Shopping with my favorite purchase I've made in a long time, 
I got the red Doc Martens I've been wanting for a couple years now!
Scored them at Nordstrom Rack for under $70!
Merry Christmas to me!

I've already worn them like 10 times 
which is saying a lot since I've probably gotten dressed 15 times since buying them... 
pretty good ratio!

I got the necklace on the left after a targeted Instagram ad hit me just right,
its from Alefbet Jewelry, wore it HERE
I like it but I wish it came with the colors in the picture, 
apparently they are all different, I wish I had the yellow evil eye in mine.
I am also interested in the dice version...

I went thrifting the other day with Little Charlie on my hip,
as soon as I walked in I spotted these Halloween MootsiesTootsies 
and immediately was like "WHAT SIZE ARE THESE"
They were MY SIZE!
I have been looking for these to complete my Halloween outfits for years now!
I even had them in my "likes" on Postmark but never pulled the trigger!
The Goodwill Gods were listening!

Also spotted this strawberry teapot, loved it but have no use for it

Loved this little pink couch at Hobby Lobby too but did not take it home:

I love this dish towel that my sister Bianca got us for Christmas

Speaking of my sister Bianca, 
how cute is this chair that she bought At Home when she came to visit?!
Love the mid-century modern vibes, 
living vicariously though her with this one

I shared my super fun and successful Off The Chain Studios popup at Hunt & Orchard,
did you really think I didn't buy anything did you?!
But I was trying to be good...
I LOVE everything I got!

I ordered this sweater from Forever 21 last week, 
I love the mix prints- animal print, πŸ“ , drips & πŸ‘️ 
It is so soft and comfy, I love it!

I've been wearing my new plaid "Selena" glasses for a couple months now 
but I wanted to also share my new "Kai" sunnies from Vlook,
I like them, I wish the arms of them had some bend to them, 
they can get uncomfortable 

I wanted to share this gift that I was sent from @ashtastical_ πŸ”› Instagram,
it is a long story involving a Kika Vargas dress, 
but I am obsessed with this tote:

SO many goodies!

Another gift that I got is this pouch that my amazing friend Holly sent me,
It is like it was made for me!
& it is the perfect size for my travel makeup.
It is a favorite!
So many goodies!

But there has been some regrets & returns lately too

I love the mixed print sweater I got from Forever 21
but these two pieces did not work for me.
I really wanted that abstract cardigan but it was wayyyy too big,
I am not sure what I was thinking 
but with these breastfeeding boobs, this was a hell no...

I accidentally ordered these Coach Liza Booties on Poshmark
it is a long story but I don't like the way they fit so I will be reselling them

My loss could be your gain?

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