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Humble Beauty Opinion #109 + #110 :: December 2022 & January 2023

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion! 
Catchup!- December 2022 & January 2023
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my December subscription to Ipsy!
The bag it self was eh this month, I haven't been excited about the actual Ipsy bag in a while now...

So far I am enjoying the Gloss Moderne hair mask 
& the Polaar "Ice Pure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton" that face scrub smells so good, 
like a familiar scent, maybe a Victoria's Secret body spray? 
I can't quite place it but I am enjoying it!

The Sophia + Mabelle "So Festive- The Stack" is pretty too, 
will be nice for Valentine's Day 

Also picked up the Brown-Eyed Baby Set & Moonlit Skincare PM Pimple Patch Patch from Ipsy:

This really made me laugh...

& my January Ipsy:
The bag itself was, again, eh, just not feeling the fake fur or color combo

I have yet to try a lot of these products 
but I did try the leave in conditioner from Head Kandy and I am loving it! 

I also finally used the ethique St. Clements solid shampoo that I got from my friend Olivia, 
it was okay, I just don't think I am a solid shampoo kinda gal

My hubby picked up some goodies from Trader Joes &
 I have been enjoying all of them!
You will see lot of them in the empties already!


This tweet from @GHardstark is so true.

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

I haven't purchased a makeup palette in a while now, 
because honestly I barely wear makeup anymore...
but this one is so pretty from Urban Decay Naked x Robin Eisenberg:

Love the greens

These two Colourpop shades are so beautiful too- "mountain lion" & "in the saddle"

I am also curious about Colourpop "Free Refills" program 
such an interesting idea, 
I wish their "Paper Tiger" shade was included... love that color!

I am intrigued by this super paired down cleansing and skin care routine, 
Step 1: Dial "Antibacterial" Hand Soap
Step 2: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cream
Step 3: Goldbalm Age Defense Hand Cream
I might be getting these products and trying this out... 
but I have a lot of products to get though first!

I am also going to try out this nail exfoliation routine, 

& am intrigued by this Vanicream face cream

Am also intrigued by this Azora perfume as seen on tawniontiktok
would love to just smell it... 👃 

There have been a few Lights Lacquer releases lately, 
but if I'm being honest, none that I need to add to my collection...

This was the "after party trio"

it's pretty but I feel like I have these colors already 


This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:

bath: Suave "Rosemary & Mint"- I like this shampoo, I like the way it smells and can't beat that price | Scentsy "Winterberry Apple Tea"- I got this as a gift from my friend Renee and I enjoyed it, smells sweet and cozy | Revlon Colorsilk "34 Deep Burgundy" x2- my go to hair color | CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion- we use this for Little Charlie's eczema, not sure if it works but maybe? | Origins "flower fusion" in rose & orange- I enjoy these, they smell so nice | Dove "sensitive skin" x3- a classic gentle soap | St. Ives "Fresh Skin"- I have used these for years, it is harsh but I love it | Clinique "all about clean"- I liked this face wash, not sure it is worth purchasing but a good cleanser | Clinique "moisture surge" overnight mask- I liked this too but felt pretty basic, not a noticeable change in my skin | Sunday Riley "Good Genes"- this is good, I think it is worth the hype, can burn though | Goldfadden MD "Detox Hydrating Gel"- I am not usually a gel moisturizer kinda gal but this one is pretty good | Clinique "7 Day Scrub Cream"- I liked this, I think it's the perfect amount of scrub | Trader Joe's "All-in-one Facial Cleanser"- my husband loves this, it is a great basic wash | ethique St. Clements solid shampoo- I got this from my friend Olivia but I am not a fan of solid shampoo, I need more lathering | Secret Out Last Sweat & Odor- a good basic deodorant, perfect travel size for your handbag | Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths- these are perfect for a little refresh while traveling | beauty360 Pocket Design Premium Cotton Pads- I got these when I couldn't find cotton balls, I do not like these, I feel like they just moved around my makeup, not a fan | CVS Cotton Swabs- a good basic 

beauty: Becca Ultimate Coverage "Linen"- I got this from TjMaxx very high coverage, didn't love it, happy it is done | Purlisse Ageless Glow Serum BB Cream in "Fair"- this is a good BB Cream, good coverage | Maybelline "Age Rewind" 150 Neutralizer- I LOVE this stuff, will repurchase for ever | Almay "Sensitive Skin"- this is my usual deodorant, works for me and nice and cheap | 10/10 Optics Eyeglass Spray- getting better at cleaning my glasses, this is a good one from an amazing optical store in NYC! | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula "Message Cream for Stretch Marks"- this stuff is so thick, not sure it does anything but used it anyways | Bath & Body Works "Stress Relief"- I love the way this smells but it is not very moisturizing, leaves you still dry | Spenser & Jensen Pumpkin Spice body butter from Lidl- I love this, makes you smell like a candle in the best way | Ahava "Dead Sea Crystal Osmotic x6 Facial Serum"- I liked this, not a big enough sample to see if it works | Ahava "Osmotic Concentrate Smoothing Lotion"- I liked this, smells familiar, like a scent from my childhood... confusing but I enjoyed it |  Commodity "Velvet"- I didn't love this on me but I sprayed it on my sweaters and I enjoyed it this way | wet n' wild "brulée"- this is my favorite, will forever repurchase | Verify 20/20 Eye Cream- a good basic eye cream nothing to write home about | MAC Stack Mascara- I loved this, such a good mascara, would recommend |  Lower East Side "Dark Brown"- this is so dark and wet but I liked it when it dried a little, lasted a long time | Colourpop "Try Me"- I wanted to love this, still looking for a red eyeliner, this was too dry and not dark enough on the eyes

candles: Yankee Candle "Balsam Cedar"- my hubby has to get me a Christmas tree scented candle, that was our agreement to getting a fake tree, this one was okay but didn't have good scent carry | Candle-Lite "Evening Fireside Glow" x2 from Lidl- love these, such a cozy scent | Candle-Lite Balsam Forest from Lidl- this is a good Christmas tree scent, especially for the price | Candle-Lite Creamy Vanilla Swirl- liked this scent too, not too sweet | Candle-Lite Mahogany Woods- I love this scent, nice cozy with a cologne scent | Trader Joe's Cedar Balsam- this is a good Christmas Tree scent for small areas, perfect in our downstairs bathroom | Trade Joe's Cranberry Pine- I liked this too, a sweeter version of a Christmas Tree Scent | Trader Joe's Fresh Currant- liked this sweet spicy scent for our bathroom too

& January 
bath & beauty: CVS Prenatal Gummies- these were my favorite but they recently changed the formula and they are not as good | CVS D3 vitamins- I've been on these for the last couple years and I think it does help me not get sick as often | Dove Sensitive Skin- a forever classic | Silk Hydro razor replacement- I really like these razors, happy I got off the Venus train and onto these | Revlon "34 Deep Burgundy"- you already know this is my fave | Aveeno Baby eczema therapy- I think this helps Little Charlie's eczema but I don't know anymore... I will be doing a dedicated post about our struggles with his skin for a Mommy Mondaze post | Schick face razor- I really like these for taking off the hair on my face to help the application of my makeup | Purlisse BB Cream- yup, went through another, I guess I wore more makeup than I thought last month | Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist- I think this could be good but I prefer the UD All Nighter | Origins "Ginger Burst"- I like this little shower sample smells nice

candles: Cozy Nights from Target- this is my favorite scent of the season, will continue to purchase year after year | Yankee Candle "Tree Farm Festival"- again not too impressed with these, no scent carry!

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