Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Planner (+ some Christmas Gifts!)

Every year I go on the hunt for my new planner, 
I love selecting the perfect one for my needs and for how I see the year going.

I wanted something smaller, more compact but still cute, inspiring and fun!
Plus I got it around Black Friday so it was 30% off!

Before that I had a completely custom Erin Condren planner... 

Ready for 2020 with my new little cutie from!
 A Christmas gift that I bought myself at the start of the season 
was this pug ornament from West Elm,
they got me in this Instagram Sponsored post:

They did not have a delivery option so I had to "pick up in store", 
but my dumb ass selected a store on Broadway in NYC,
 assuming it would be close to my commute...
Nope, it was on the Upper West Side and I had to truck my butt up there, 
although I did it on a day where NJTransit trains were delayed an hour,
 so didn't really make a difference.

Worth it. 

To kick off the holiday season my work bestie Olivia got me this 
AMAZING drawing from the_salty_society 🔛 Instagram,
needless to say I AM IN LOVE!
Can't wait to hang her up!

I got lots of awesome gifts this year but to share just a few:

My in-laws got a pair of Allbirds shoes 
& they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned!
I have been wearing them at work and they are a game changer!

My in-laws also got my these awesome NARS 54 lipsticks and "Inferno" palette
& I am obsessed! 
I have been wearing the palette A LOT and it is so pretty!

 This year my sisters and I decided to thrift all of our Christmas gifts,
have to agree with this @ThredUp Instagram post- "The new way of gifting is used"
it was challenging but fun!

I must say my sisters killed it, 
Check out these NYC pictures my sister Silvia got me:

I love this little bottle boot that my sister Bianca got me:

My sister Audrey kinda refused the thrifting deal, 
but did score some awesome stuff at Marshalls so I guess that works.
She got me these awesome metal glasses and I am OBSESSED!

& she got me this Betsey Johnson pink pug backpack,
matches my lunch box!

Although my sisters did a great job this year and I think I did pretty good with their thrifted gifts but I think @myfavoritekarenkilgariff 🔛 Instagram may have gotten the ultimate sister gift:

Airbnb reached out to me to send me a gift!
I picked this beeswax candle and it arrive by Saturday!

It is pretty awesome- handmade in Ireland and it apparently 
"realizes negative ions as it burns, removes pollutants and purifying the air"

2020 is off to a pretty sweet start!

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