Sunday, January 26, 2020

January Humble Beauty Opinion #74

Last Saturday (okay- Sunday) of the month = my January Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties! 

I am still loving the Ipsy option to choose one of your glam bag products,
this month I choose the Morphe "Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer in 1.55",
it is nice although the packaging is hard to use, 
I can't get enough product out with the brush to use it the way I want...
 I have been loving the Jules Smith Beauty gloss in "Moonbeam Dream",
I wanted to love the Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer "#NYFW"
I LOVE the little Ipsy Lashes Keychain- worth the add on!

I used a gift certificate to Nordstrom Rack from the holidays 
to get a Clinique Happy rollerball- I used to love this scent and am happy to have it again!
It also came with two samples of my choice and I picked Jo Malone "Myrth & Tonka"
& Charlotte Tilbury "Magic Eye Rescue" & La Mer "the moisturizing soft cream"
used both these up pretty quickly.

Only a few things on my monthly makeup wishlist and they are all nail polishes!

I really want to get the Lights Lacquer "Moonstone",
I can't wait to see what their next polish is going to be- the reveal is coming tomorrow 1/27!

 I love this sparkle top coat "Confetti" from ILNP 

I also love this lavender holographic polish "Marcy" from Live Love Polish

 LOVE this post from @realhermakeup that my friend @kel_deee shared her Instagram Story:

 This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated 
and all my humble opinions in between:
bath: Real Egggin Pack face mask from Ipsy / Beauty Blender solid- I enjoy this soap to clean my beauty blenders / Dr. Bronner's lavender soap- this is my favorite soap to wash my brushes and beauty blender / beauty 360 "Gentle Eyemakeup Remover"- this is a good basic from CVS and gets the job done / Trader Joe's "Nourish All-In-One Facial Cleanser" - my husband loves this stuff, I think it is a little too gentle for me but it is still nice / boscia "Make-up, Break-up, Repeat"- loved this stuff, a little goes a long way to take off eye makeup / Colgate Total Toothpaste- a good basic toothpaste, but what I really wanted to note was this little squeezy thing that helps get a lot more product out of tubes / Dr Teal's Body Wash "Relax & Relief"- I really loved this body wash, it was refreshing and bubbled to the perfect amount, I especially loved the packaging, it is so easy to use in the shower / Gillette "Venus Embrace"- I have used these razors for years, a good basic, I would be open to trying one of those subscription companies since it is always so nice to change them / Revlon "Burgundy"- this is a favorite hair color of mine, month after month, year after year / equate "makeup remover" wipes from Walmart- these are my favorite / Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Bar Soap x 2- love this stuff / Wegmans "Cotton Balls"- good basics although this bag didn't last very long / Trader Joe's "Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose"- I love how my skin feels after this mask / Watsons "Animal Design Facial"- these are so cute but very creepy.
I love sending Charlie snaps like this: 

beauty: CVS "flushable cleansing cloths"- I did not like these, definitely don't seem flushable and are not gentle, do not recommend / Matrix "Design Pulse"- I've been trying to use this up, not really a fan / Cre8tion yup I enjoyed this enough to cut the bottom off from last month's empties and use it some more / La Mer "the moisturizing soft cream"- woah so fancy, it is so nice! Sample lasted a decent amount of time too! / Jelly Pong Pong "Liquid Gossamer"- I have had this forever and added it to my lotion to use it up and get a nice body glow / Tarte "Rainforest of the Sea" primer- this is hydrating and I enjoyed it / Verso "Hydration Serum"- I got this from Ipsy and really enjoyed it / Juliette Has A Gun- I got this from Ipsy too and loved it! I would definitely purchase it! / Trader Joe's "Lemon Verbena" & "Frosted Berry"- Loved these little lotions that Charlie got me from a holiday trio / Boogies Casual Hair Clay- I loved this product, it was a little too hard but eventually it was perfect / Charlotte Tilbury "Magic Eye Rescue"- with a sample this size it is hard to see if it actually does anything  but it was nice

candles: Used up my beeswax candle that was sent to me from Airbnb- Charlie loved this, it burned so pretty / "Cozy Nights" from Target- STILL my favorite fall/winter candle, lighting this candle immediately makes me feel happy! / Trader Joe's "Cedar Balsam" scented candle- this is a great Christmas tree scent candle although these are more on the subtle side and do not carry that far / Better Homes & Gardens "Vanilla Carmel Spice"- I loved this for my wax diffusers, vanilla is always a favorite scent of mine!

Happy Humble Beauty Opinion!

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