Friday, November 18, 2016

the tea date that changed my life.

When I got this message from the owner of Faniel Eyewear, Anne-Marie, 
I did not know that it would change the course of my life forever, in the best way possible.

I immediately had to plan a trip to NYC,
I am so happy my mom took the trip with me!

We met at her hotel terrace coffee bar,
I love this library vibe and these book shelves

I met both Anne-Marie and her husband Patrick,
we talked about her vision and all her amazingly creative ideas and accomplishments.
We talked about her creative process, and she is bursting at the seams with visions!

I did not know that she gets the recycled acetate that from other eyeglass companies
and HAND SELCTS the color combos in France.

Every pair is really one of a kind, handmade and absolutely stunning!
She gave my mom her Sante 3 glasses to try on, these are 100% recycled!

It became immediately obvious that mom needed these glasses,
we had to order them and I cannot wait to get them on her face!
You can bet there will be a mom style post coming asap.

They are opening a NYC flagship store that will be opening early 2017!
I am excited to check it out and be involved in whatever way possible.
Shouting into the universe for a new opportunity!

They invited us to her room to check out more of the collection,
talk about a dream coming true!
I need a case like this for my growing collection!

We tried on all of them of course!
They are just too much fun, really can't help myself...

I will take one of each please!
Especially the first pair I tried on and both of these:

We also got a sneak peak at the new metals collection and saw the samples,
I literally almost had a heart attack!

I have been dreaming of them since and am happy I can now share them since they released a sneak picture on their Facebook page:
I really want the three on the left side, especially the bottom pair, OMG.

When we left I was shaking, I could not believe the incredible experience I just had.
I was so happy my mom was there to witness, otherwise I would not be sure it actually happened!

On cloud 9 we walked around NYC

I was sad that the Hello Kitty store in Times Square,
 that I had been SO EXCITED FOR last winter,
is now closed =(

The only thing left is this super cute door

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel {of course!} via 10/10 Optics, lips- Rimmel Kate Nudes "47", necklace- Rebel Supply Co in Asbury Park in NJ, top- thrifted, jacket- Forever 21, skirt- JCPenney, stockings- Walmart, booties- Cat & Jack from Target {girl's section}, bag- Reed x Kohls

This is my first taste of the struggle of taking outfit photos in NYC I suppose,
helloooooo lady! 

We had to check out an H&M to see the Kensie collection IRL, of course.
I died at this boomerang of mom waiving in front of the window.
It is just too good.
She is the best sport.

I love the perforated detail of this skirt,
the outfit is definitely one of my all time favorites!

I loved these sculptures around the city

& this "be good to each other" is a much needed reminder from Starbucks

We had to get shakes at Shake Shack

Then we found this amazing place called "Broadway Bites"

Essentially food trucks, without the trucks!

They even had Roberta's from Brooklyn that we fell in love with last year:

We sat and had a beer, right in the middle of Broadway!
Such a cool spot

The sunset on our adventure

Had to tag a little InTheLeopardGlasses before leaving though...

Hearing Anne-Marie speak with her husband Patrick was exactly like this picture,
they fill each other in the best way possible,
supporting each other's dreams and it was incredible to witness
{source: on Instagram}

In fact, they showed us a preview to Anne-Marie's opera performance,
did I mention that she is a famous singer too?
I told you she was incredible!

I was definitly feeling inspired and uplifted,
I loved this quote that one of my sorority sisters, Erika, posted on Facebook:
{source: Kayla_itsines on Instagram}

Definitely feeling the girl power these days!

Then I saw that my sister Audrey posted this hilarious article from

I mean glasses ARE an art form, especially Faniel glasses...
I mean come onnnnn,
I need these Dessina Vert Cristal for my inner mermaid and I am not even mad about it:

I am also happy to have Faniel as an official sponsor of BehindTheLeopardGlasses,
I am beyond excited for all these opportunities!

Time to go back to NJ,
don't worry NYC we will be getting to know each other very well, very soon!

I am still trying to catch my breath.
A HUGE thank you to Anne-Marie and Patrick for all of their support, love,
and for making the coolest glasses I've ever seen in my 15 years of wearing glasses
<3 <3 <3

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