Friday, November 11, 2016

Faves for Friday: vintage inspired Warby Parker x Leith collection

Oh my word.
When I saw this vintage inspired collection from Warby Parker x Leith,
I had to catch my breath!

I love all the styles!

Fleta in "Ivory Pearl":

Zelda in "Crystal Taupe":

Lilia in "Polished Gold":

Oriel in "Polished Gold":

I think these gold and black babies are my favorite,
and also need to be on my face ASAP!
Valda in "Jet Black":

God they are beautiful!

Check out the collection HERE!
They are a little more pricy than regular Warby Parkers at $145 {compared to $90}
but they are so fun and pretty!

What do you think of this "vintage style"?

Personally I am BEYOND excited for the future of eye glasses,
for many reasons soon to be apparent.

It is going to be great for us chicks in glasses, I will tell you that!

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