Sunday, November 6, 2016

built from ashes {+ giveaway!!}

I am so excited to bring you this feature!
One of my former students reached out to me to bring his sister's shop
"Built from Ashes" to my attention.
I was so excited to talk to this fellow Girl Boss and support her small business!

I had to do a little Q&A with Ashlyn to learn more about Built from Ashes

Q: How did you come up with the name for your company: Built from Ashes?
A: "I came up with the name because I wanted it to link back to myself and be very broad so I will not be limited in the future for releasing not just knits and crochets, but also canvases, prints and crafts. I started this business when I got tired of corporate restaurants and realized I would much rather be following my passions than to slave away for something that doesn't feel as rewarding. I had nothing after leaving, no means to an end or way to pay my bills.  I built this up by myself and it has been hard but I think I'm finally starting to flourish, for this I consider my business to have risen from nothing but my own passion, just as a Phoenix rises from nothing but ashes."

{Side note: I absolutely love the quotes that Ashlyn posts on Instagram.
They are inspiring and just awesome!}
 {Source: builtfromashes on Instagram}

{Source: builtfromashes on Instagram}

Q: When did you start making art and custom knits?
A: "I've been making art since I was a kid. Art has always been my passion however I'm just getting into selling my pieces. My great grandmother and my grandmother would make us all afghans, blankets, scarves and baby clothes when we were younger and I think it's really special that although she has passed I have something to comfort me from her that I know she spent a lot of time and energy on. It's the personal touch of it being handmade. I always thought it was super awesome that she was able to do this and I've always wanted to learn. Unfortunately my great grandma passed before I was old enough to learn but my grandma still calls me up to encourage me to keep knitting and always giving me pointers!"

Q: What was your inspiration to start selling your products?
A: "The reason I decided to start selling my knits is because I get so many compliments on my own pieces that I would wear and people requesting for me to make them things for birthdays or holidays that I figured why limit my designs? I personally HATE being cold although I always am. I try to come up with cute designs that will also keep you warm. My goal is to keep everyone fashionably warm this fall/ winter."

Q: What is your favorite product you have made to date?
A: "My favorite would have to be this pale pink sparkly headband with a button. The material is super thick and warm while having a little bit of sparkle intertwined really gives it the fashionable touch. It's finished off with a simple button to hold it all together."

Q: How many of your beanies do you own?
A: "Oh goodness, I own just about every color in most styles of headbands (I prefer headbands just because they can be worn super cute with any hairstyle). Beanies I own for myself a simple burgundy one (just like the one I've made for you), along with some fuzzy brown and pink combos. I try to have at least one piece to match the outfit I wear out at any given time, again, I hate the cold so I'm always prepared with a fashionably warm accessory."

Q: What is your favorite outfit to pair with a beanie?
A: "Literally anything that's what I love about them! You can wear just jeans and a long sleeve shirt and stay warm in a beanie, or you can totally bundle up and wear one under the hood of a heavy jacket. My favorite outfit to pair with however would have to be simple jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt with a vest, topped off with one of my own beanies or headbands."

Pumped to have a custom beanie made just for me!
In one of my favorite colors these days, burgundy:
{Source- BuiltFromAshes on Instagram}


This is definitely the time for beanies!
I love to top off a casual flannel outfit with a handmade touch!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- Meet Matt(e) Hughes via Ipsy, beanie- c/o Built From Ashes burgundy beanie, necklace- Green Eyed Lady Boutique in West Chester PA, flannel- Walmart, jeans- Kohls, loafers- Circus by Sam Edelman via brokegirlshop on Poshmark

I love this Red, White and Blue pom pom beanie,
I am definitely getting some of these for my loves on my Holiday Shopping List =)

So guess what?!
You can WIN an hand knit mustard turban twist style from Built From Ashes!
{I may need to get myself one of these ASAP}

It is SO CUTE!

Get in on the action below:
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