Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kenzo x H&M {My picks for TOMORROW!}

When I first heard about the Kenzo x H&M collaboration from The Budget Babe in May:
I was really excited, because neon leopard print, duh! 
This collection may be a little too much, a little too loud, a little too crazy for some, 
but there are some wearable pieces that I am excited about! 

I got even more excited about the Kenzo x H&M collection 
when I read this article by Man Repeller where they talked about 
what they predict will sell out:

These are the pieces that caught my eye:
 See all pieces + prices on Refinery 29, some are SUPER pricy,
but they are pretty and definitely statements!

I love that the floral coat and mixed pattern dress seem to be reversible!
As seen on Cosmopolitansi Instagram:
esp_forkh on Instagram:

I love the layered look that celmatique created on instagram with the dress and a turtleneck underneath:

Also love this reversed look,
makes me want this dress, for sure, but it is $129...

I am interested in this sweatshirt, I love it on basicbitches_belike's Instagram:

This dress is beautiful, especially the second look!
{From hhcguiltfree repost from msppj}
Also makes me want it, but can't for $199...

These are the pieces that I have my eye on:
Green print blouse: $80 / Navy print blouse $70
Mixed animal print top {$70} / Orange print short sleeve shirt $35

Again- check out the pieces {and prices} on Refinery 29!
You can shop the collection TOMORROW at 8 am EST on H&M!

What do you think?
Are you into this weirdness or not really?

Even if you don't love the collection,
you should check out this amazing runway show / dance / marching band performance,
it perfectly shows how fun this collection is and how it fashion really is an art form!

I loved the show!

I would love to hear your thoughts =)

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