Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shopping Cart Saturday

So I've been blogging about "Shopping Cart Saturday" for about a year now,
I knew I was not the only one who places items in their cart for the thrill of it and never completes the purchase, but when I started to do research it is a THING!
Like a real marketing problem thing!

I find this fascinating!
Ripen eCommerce calls it "mobile cart abandonment" and that it is as high as 97%!

When I saw this on MindyMaesMarket Instagram,
 I knew my Shopping Cart Saturday posts had to continue!
 1st up for my shopping cart, is less digital and more real life...
I took my first trip to the brand new Nordstrom Rack in my town!

Had no money to spend,
but it was nicely stocked, although I thought the bag selection was lacking
I enjoyed browsing the makeup, clothes, and shoes.
I loved these Kate Spade piano flats {~$100}

I also loved these scalloped flats from the Kohls Lauren Conrad line,
I would probably get them in both colors if they were a little cheaper, but $50 seems steep

When I saw these beautiful Rivet & Sway pink tortoise glasses,
I knew I needed to add them to my "shopping cart"

Since the deal was buy one get one,
I also added these clear tortoise glasses to my cart
but never pulled the trigger
I have fallen in love with these Kate Spade glitter glasses {$199}!
You heard that right!
These are a must have for NYE + my whole existence.

I also fell in love with this shift dress on {$26}
but I have a lot of this color combo/pattern so have not purchased

I am obsessed with this clutch from GypsyWarrior {$16},
may be Christmas gifts for some of my winged eyeliner girls...

A purchase at Target has created a wild goose chase for this brand "Lily Star",
I have never seen this brand at Target and this top is too cute!
My sister purchased it when we were on a "personal styling" mission for a trip she was going on!
 Floral, scalloped and perfectly structured!

Have you seen this label at Target or was this a total fluke?
It is a beautiful top!

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