Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Shopping: Scores from the West

Here are all the goodies I brought home from the West Coast! 
mint dress + purple embroidered ones: second hand from Hilary / grey striped dress + white loafers- thrifted from the Goodwill in Tacoma / blog planner from Hilary / cross + light switch cover Fremont Sunday Market / Starbucks mug from the First Starbucks / Garage flannel / various coasters from various breweries / sea glass from Tacoma / various Seattle merch from the Public Market in Seattle / Keep It bracelet from Louis Vuitton in Portland / green t-shirt Portland to match with Hilary!  

We also picked up this painting from the first time in Cafe Brosseau on Day 2 in Tacoma

It is the perfect piece for outside our guest room!

We also hung up our little cross in our collection!

I love this light switch cover!

Perfect for the guest room with the maps!

Also added a piece of beach wood with barnacles from Tacoma

Loving my mug from the first Starbucks too!

Also hung up a photo from Hilary in the attic!

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