Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hubby's DIY: Keezer

This post has been a few months in the making, 
I wanted to share a DIY project that has been happening in our house! 

The hubby has been constructing this keezer for his home brews 
& I wanted to share the progress of his work of art! 

Finished product, with the most perfect picture that my cousin Sabrina gave to us!
This picture seriously looks like it belongs on this wall!
It is perfection!

We've been adding stickers and coasters from our beer travels from our Beer Bucket List!

This is a 4 keg system, we have it set up for 3 beers + seltzer water! {my favorite part}
 I recently went to get the hubby a keg to help finish this baby off
for our 2 year wedding anniversary that is coming up.

So if you are wondering what the inside looks like:

We got a lot of the materials for our keezer at Princeton Homebrew,
We purchased our kegs and some other materials from the store my sister Audrey works at
 called The Brewer's Apprentice

Now home to brew another beer for the keezer with the hops that we grow in our yard!

I think that the Keezer adds so much to our little bar area,
Home tour coming soon too!

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