Thursday, August 20, 2015

Man are my hands tired...

Somehow the hubby convinced me to get up early after our night at The Vault 
to wait on a very long line for a "parageusia" beer release at Tired Hands
{We've done this a few times already... 1st time, 2nd release...}

The difference was we had to wait in a long line this time, 
got there at 8am, tickets went out at 11am & it opened at 12
I mean I do something like this about 2x a year for Target collections so I understand...

We were 35th in line of about 300+,
the first guy drove all the way from Boston the night before and got online at 5:30 am,
the couple behind us was from California!

That's me on the Tired Hands Fermentaria Instagram!

Finally time to get our beers!

Decided to get some tacos and beers for lunch since we were already there,
had the crudo {we always get this} & the oyster tacos that were AMAZING!

I tried lots of beers, I have never had anything at Tired Hands that I did not love,
The ones I had & of course loved:
Freedom from the Known {2nd favorite}
Such Passion
Fuzzy Yellow
Delicado {my favorite}

We went to Tired Hands Brew Cafe to see what they had to offer
& to finally meet Marine from Pictures & Paragraphs who works there!

Of course we had to get some of their beers {that are brewed in this location}
I had: Cosmic Vapor of Invention, Tuff Leather, and Petalite Songbird
The Tuff Leather is a beer of only 1.5% but the flavor was INCREDIBLE,
I have been craving it ever since

Took home two new growers of the classic Saison Hands & Petalite Songbird

This trip to Tired Hands inspired me to frame & hang these two post cards
that we've gotten from pervious trips.
Went to the Dollar General and picked up these frames for $1 each- I thought they were absolutly perfect for the weird pictures that were going in them!

Hung them right above the keezer!

Home to freshen up and actually get ready since that was not happening at 6 am
 with my sister sleeping in the air conditioned attic

What I Wore: glasses- A Beautiful Mess x BonLook, lips- Jordana Matte "Style", earrings- AmyLynnButtChin on Etsy, top- thrifted, shorts- Lilly Pulitzer for Target, loafers- thrifted

Our beautiful hops before the hubby harvested them for a saison he is brewing!

I was so excited when the hubby decided to make his amazing pizza on the picnic table!
It was such a nice dinner with my sister + her boyfriend!

Speaking of...
we were making fun of Matt's "park ranger" shirt from our adventure to Flying Fish,
But with this Little Dog Brewing hat, it was just too much...
& he said "put this on the blog"
Now you can revel in the uniform... + this pose though...

Man was this parageusia worth the wait!

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