Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Shopping- Last one? + NO SHOP NEW YEAR?!

So I am going to level with you all...
Just because my bag is a "bag of money", we be broke...

 & I did a little post-Christmas shopping at the end of December, 
that left me both feeling guilty + feeling more broke 
+ decreased my possibility of attending Texas Style Council CAMP...

I picked up:

SheInside Red Classic Plaid Fringe Scarf / SheInside Red Twisted Ball Plaid Scarf {apparently now sold out, so this will be refunded and back to the Burberry dream scarf...}

 As a result, I have decided to do {not try, do} a no shop month for January, 
I would like to extend this and make it a no shop year, but I am not sure how reasonable that will be 
in all honesty...

I just have A TON of clothes, and makeup that I need to rediscover, restyle,
 and fall back in love with,
So this will be my last Sunday Shopping post for a while, perhaps this will turn into a more regular "Weekend Wear"... 

& I will be updating my Wish/Shopping List more frequently! 
To keep track of what I actually, really want and not just impulse shop all the time...
Just added these to the list:
Check out my Wish/Shopping List page for links + details to these products & tons of others!

I have been enjoying putting my Christmas presents to use!

Love my Arsenic sign, really makes him one of the Periodic Family!

Also added this super cute frog charm to my bracelet from my Nonna!

I love my new bracelet organizer from my sister Audrey! 
It makes a huge difference to actually be able to SEE what you already have + put it to good use!

I also mentioned that my sister Silvia got me a dress that needed to be returned for Christmas 
& I was excited that it would turn into a shopping date at Marshalls!

I exchanged it for these amazing cap toe booties that I have already warn a bunch of times, 
& this amazing hologram clutch from French Connection that was the highlight of my NYE!

I also fell in love with these two beauties 
{especially the Michael Kors camo beauty but for $245 it had to stay there =( 
--like said, aint got no monies...}
That Kate Spade golf ball bag is not practical but hilarious and adorable, but also $120!

While food shopping I spotted this leopard stocking, 
didn't pick it up because I was with my dad and I thought he would kill me, 
so I went back for it the next day and it was gone!

Had to check my Wegmans to see if they still had any in stock & they did 
& they were now on sale for $2.50!
PERFECT stocking for Arnold!

Also needed a new stocking holder with our new addition this year, 
Found this Santa holding a huge bone for $2 at Goodwill! 
It is perfect!

Already excited to set up the mantle for Christmas next year!
So here goes nothing {literally nothing!}
But you should feel free to: 
Check out my vintage finds: InTheLeopardCloset
Shop my closet: PoshMark

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