Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

Here are a few items that have made their way from the cart to the home!
These paintings from Pink Heart Henney on instagram are AMAZING!

Barry loves the custom pug in leopard glasses!

The pug is the perfect addition to the wall where I will shoot my shop items!

So pretty! Love the stripes & floral mix!

A perfect addition to my gallery wall!
A few additions to my wardrobe,
I saw this Peter Pilotto top on another blogger & instantly was like, 
"Damn I should have gotten that one!"
I found the last one at Target, but there was no tag on it
took it to the register and the manager was like, "Guess this one was never tagged, how about $5"
I almost screamed. 
Kept my cool & happy to add it to my closet!

I have also been searching for a large green & white tartan sweater,
love the Stella McCartney version but that is not happening
I was SO EXCITED to find this one on Romwe for $23!
I also took a little trip to a Goodwill Outlet this weekend,

It was huge!
& you pay by the pound, but it wasn't that good

I did fall in love with this couch {$20} but we had no way to get it home 
& it is a little too big for the spot we need it
We did find these shoes for the hubby though,
I can't believe we found them & they were his size!
One of the most exciting purchases I have made lately was tickets to see 
Iggy Azalea play in Philly in May!
If you haven't heard her yet, you should listen {& watch on YouTube- she is gorgeous}

& I guess my students know it too, 
since I got an apology note from one of them to the beat of Work.
too funny.
Now it is time for some Irish soda bread & corned beef and cabbage!
Happy St. Paddy's weekend,
I have the perfect sweater for tomorrow outfit!
Wait & see!

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