Thursday, March 6, 2014

I judge my day by whether or not I put on a belt and/or earrings in the morning

This post is a throwback!
I have come to realize that I judge how good my day is going by whether of not I have enough energy/thought/time to put on a belt and/or earrings in the morning. 

Getting up at 5 am is a struggle… but if I manage to do those two things, 
I am winning.

What I Wore: glasses- ℅ Proopticals, top- thrifted, MRS necklace- Kate Spade {gift from sister}, gem necklace- from honeymoon in Alaska, yellow necklace- baublebar, pants- Gap, shoes- thrifted, belt- {was from} Target 

Now what happens when said belt breaks halfway through the day?
the struggle is real.

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