Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shopping Cart Saturday

Here are a few things that have been waiting in my shopping cart!

My #1 thing that is now on my wish list 
are these amazing pug with glasses loafers from ModCloth {$70}

Speaking of loafers with glasses, 
these are too awesome!
{Thanks to ashtastical on instagram for the link! She knows my style well!}
I have never heard of the brand Rara Avis by Iris Apfel,
but I did recognize the designer!
blue & black eyeglasses- $50 /  dodo bird- $98 / red eye- $89

I also fell in love with this "Crabby Sweater" from Poshmark,
it has since sold =(
so cute!

I have also fallen in love with these bow belts from Amazon
They are so cute & only $3 a pop!

What is in your shopping carts on this lovely Saturday?

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