Friday, August 17, 2012

faves for friday: you could go with this, or you could get with that

Being the avid online shopper that I am, 
I have run across many lower priced options for some of the upcoming fall trends & wanted to share:

high: Jcrew {was $110- now $88}
low: mikkatmarket {$37}

You would saved enough to get the matching shirt!
Disclaimer: Please don't wear the item above and below this top together, people will think you are a snow leopard, unless of course that is what you are going for...

 high: urban outfitters {$42}
low: old navy {$24}

 high: abercrombie {were $78- now $39}
low: Old Navy {$25}

 high: boutiquetoyou {$127}
low: etsy babybyrdvintage {$10!-- not there though, it is in my closet =)}

See, shopping is like a scavenger hunt =)
Have a great weekend


Tara said...

I'm loving that snow leopard print...Ann Taylor has a bunch of stuff in that print that I'm dying over!

oomph. said...

I love those green polka dot pants!!

My elephant top was from a local boutique here a while ago. I did see it at Tobi once, but I checked and it's not listed anymore!! Is it the style you like or the elephants?

Emma Z said...

The elephants I have been looking for a top like that but they sold out online everywhere :(