Friday, August 31, 2012

Faves for Friday: Finding Shirts to Suit You

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With so many fashions about at the moment it is hard to decide what type of shirt is best for you and your personality. At G-Star, a vast range of shirts to suit every style occasion and event is available for those who want to dress to impress.

Ranging from vintage style print shirts through to retro polo shirts, you won’t be short of choice and that means finding the perfect shirt for you should be relatively straightforward.

Quiet and Relaxed

If you’re just chilling out on holiday, at a BBQ or just at home then you will want a comfortable top. Something like a white linen shirt provides you with a cool comfort. If this isn’t for you, then why not try out a 70s ringer t-shirt?

This safe option can be found in a variety of colours and many are plain to offer high levels of versatility. If you are heading out for the night but don’t want to look overdressed then G-Star Raw provides short and long sleeved shirts in toned down patterns and light colours: perfect for long summer evenings in the pub garden.

Loud and Proud

Going away on a lad’s holiday? Raving it up in a nightclub? Then you will want to wear something that makes you stand out for all the right reasons. Let’s face it, if someone has a saying on a top we all want to read what it says and those in the brightest and boldest shirts are always those who receive the most attention.

If you opt for a bright, bold colour then achieve a super suave and sharp look by investing in a G-Star shirt. You can even roll the shirt up at the sleeves for a cool and casual style that makes you look effortlessly stylish. You will be sure to have all the girls after you when you are wearing one of these shirts.


Whether you like checked shirts, tribal prints or simple stripes then there is a wide variety of tops out there for you. Choosing to wear a checked shirt means you can easily go from day to evening, making it perfect for all types of events.

Another decision that you may have to make is whether you want a collar or not. This is often the biggest dilemma and the easiest solution is to wear a plain t-shirt beneath a casual shirt to embrace both options. 

Here are a few of my picks:

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