Saturday, August 4, 2012

life lately

Enjoying a magical summer, as I hope you all are!

1st off: Welcome to !
That is right I ditched the .blogspot & moved on bigger things! 

trying lots of restaurants:
 I have wanted to try Ajihei Sushi in Princeton for 3+ years now, we were going to go for one of our group of friends birthdays but plans got messed up & we are lucky they did.
There are "rules" to this restaurant {which only has 5 tables, all reserved- we sat at the bar} only 1 bottle of wine per 2 people {my friends would be out right there} $20 min, and can't linger- eat & leave. & apparently you can get banned. terrifying
Overall pricy, but the most amazing eel I have had. Worth trying but I don't know if we will go again.

 amazing bent spoon ice cream in Princeton, NJ, as always

 Margarita pizza from Varisty Pizza in Lawrence, NJ

 I tried Five Guys for the first time, & then for a second. Yes it is that good. 

We also tried MoC MoC Sushi in Princeton, NJ for a second. Pretty uneventful but pretty good special rolls. 

Family Swim Time:

 he jumps right in & sinks. 

but she is so pretty {most of the time}

Home to my parents for the annual Lobster fest =)

{pool pictures thanks to Michelle!}


Dani Shapiro said...

Five Guys is sooo yummy. Yum yum yum.

Also, Maggie's crazy attack on Barry reminds me of my giant "kitten" torturing our little old man haha.

Marine said...

Those photos of Barry on the float are TOO ADORABLE! And I didn't realize Maggie is so much bigger than him!

Also, as a fellow NJ-ite/an, I feel I should mention that 25 Burgers is a NJ chain that has the BEST burgers, hands down. You should definitely check it out!