Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wants wednesday: Camo

I have always had a love affair with camo print.
maybe left over from my high school ROTC days {true story}

Anyways I have never taken the plunge to get myself a camo jacket that I have been craving since the pervious era this trend was popular.

My obsession with camo has been reignited by the always amazing Blair from atlantic-pacific:

Here are my current picks:
1. topshop / 2. myfoxhouse / 3. urbanoutfitters / 4. etsy

& perhaps my favorite from etsy:
I am finding it really hard not to push the "purchase" button on this baby. If she is still around next payday-- she might just make it into my closet once and for all!

Or a similar leopard print version from Urban Outfitters:

Can't forget patterned flats:

Are you digging camo?


Tara said...

Atlantic Pacific is amazing, she makes me want everything she owns! She managed to make the camo jacket look so classy, I love it!

Dani Shapiro said...

I've been looking at that cropped Urban Renewal one forever but am afraid of how it will fit!

Also, I used to have a pair of camo wedges when I was like 18-19-20. They were ruined in a flood. TRAGIC.

emmabasilone said...

That is very tragic =( I am also afraid that the UO will be too cropped and not be the type of jacket I am looking for. I am stuck!

emmabasilone said...

She is so stylish, I would love to raid her closet, her bags, shoes & accessories that girl has got it all!