Saturday, June 27, 2020

June Humble Beauty Opinion #79!

Last Saturday of the month = my June Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with this month's Ipsy glam bag,
I picked a little sun screen for my bag this month, 
since we were suppose to be on vacation this week...
& I bought "the coffee scrub" as an Add-On, so excited to try this!
Also picked up the Ipsy Ultimate Bag because I LOVE the pattern!

Overall, LOVE the design of this month's Ipsy bag,
& I am looking forward to trying all these products!

I picked up two Looxi Beauty shades "Charmed" & "Juice"
{now both on sale for $3 each!}
& I am loving both of them!

A very exciting purchase I made this month was some Holo Taco!
 I blogged about wanting to try this "Protective Peel" & "Party Punch" nail polish

& I finally pulled the trigger!

LOVE the polish, I wore it for weeks!
I like the "Protective Peel" but I feel like I need more practice with it
{ring is Julie Vos of course!}

& now there is a while Rainbow Collection from Holo Taco!

Charlie gave me the Trader Joe's hook up during this week's grocery run!
I have tried and love all those products!

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

Speaking of Trader Joe's I want to try this Watermelon Facial Mist!
I love the rose one and want to give this one a go:

I also want to get the Summer Candle Trio from Trader Joe's, 
I love the scents of these little candles & this trio looks like a good one!

and this little brush cleaner system from Costco looks awesome! 
Would love to try this!

I also want to try this Origins "Glow-Co-Nuts" mask 

after seeing it on an Instagram Sponsored Post:

 This installment of the e.l.f. collaboration with JKissa is so bight and beautiful!

I LOVE these bright eyeliners from @milanicosmetics 🔛 Instagram
I love colored eyeshadows & I want them all!

I am not really excited about the packaging of this Covergirl blush, 
but I AM interested in this bright orange blush!

Really want to try these eye nail stickers from @ciatelondon 🔛 Instagram:

I was also considering getting one of these travel makeup bags 
from Original Beauty Box, looks so organized and easy!

A very exciting release that it on my wishlist is the 
"Sweet As Summer" collection from Lights Lacquer!
I used to love the black and white bottle pics from @kathleenlights 🔛 Instagram
& am happy they are back:

 I love the whole vibe of this collection, 
especially the font & the bright photo shoot!
{these pics are from the email about the release}
 This collection is so bright & fun,
perfect for summer!

Love this photo shoot with the corresponding fruits!

 & the mood boards for the new collections 
have become one the things I look forward to:

Two of the colors that I mainly love/want from this collection:

& can't forget about the super cute nail stickers!
Would love to try these too!


This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:

Lets start with this "Bubble Tok Tok Mask" that our friend Joe sent us from Korea,
they are not kidding with the bubble factor.... 
Looked like a creature from the Goonies.

Definitely an experience for that empty! 
bath: Vagisil "Scentsitive Scents Spring Lilac"- I used to repurchase this a lot but I have moved on to just use Dove soap | Secret "Cocoa Butter"- this is my favorite brand/style of deodorant, using up a couple of others but will repurchase | Red Lanes "Island Essence Aloe Gel"- I have had this FOREVER and it is nice for some post sun relief | beauty 360 "Jumbo Cotton Balls"- I get these from CVS and I think these are the perfect size for removing my makeup | Trader Joe's "French Liquid Soap"- I absolutely love the smell of this soap, smells so luxe, love love love! | Trader Joe's "Green Tea Scrub"- I got these in a trio pack and they are nice! A descent scrub and smells nice! | Jo Malone "Geranium & Walnut" Body Scrub- my mother-in-law gave me this sample and I love it! It is a great scrub and smells nice and lasts a long time | Time or new tooth brushes! I got two new "soft" brushes from CVS as replacements | Olly "Undeniable Beauty" supplements- I have wanted to try these for a couple months and I do really think they help my nails grow but not necessarily clearing my skin | SNP "Anti-Aging Sheet Mask"- Charlie used this one and it is so creepy on but leaves your skin nice |  Bubble Tok Tok Mask- see results above 👆🏼, left my skin looking uhhh plump? | Origins "Origin Skin" Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay- I liked this mask because it was also scrubby | Honey Jarret "Clean Whip Cleanser"- a little bit of this stuff goes a longggg way, very bubbly and works to take off makeup | Trader Joe's "Microdermabrasion Scrub"- I really enjoyed this scrub! Very small scrubbers leaves skin feeling soft

beauty: Sun Bum "Coconut" lip balm- I liked this chap stick, I do not like their stick sunscreen but the chap stick is nice | Derma.E Skin Restore "Advanced Peptides and College Moisturizer"- this is my favorite kind of facial moisturizer, left my face feeling hydrated | "Lights Camera Lashes" from tarte- I like this mascara, not a favorite but is a great one | Trader Joe's "Coconut Body Butter"- I love this body lotion, have re-purchased many times, especially great in summer | la praire Skin Caviar "Perfect Concealer"- I liked this but it was not a favorite, it was a little too thick for under eye so I used it as a spot concealer | Flower "Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir"- I liked this on the face but it is very sparkly, I ended up adding it to a body lotion and am loving it! | Revlon "Photoready Rose Glow"- I didn't love this because it has some weird round particles that I did not like, added this to a body lotion as well to use it up | Estee Lauder "Advanced Night Repair" samples- I have just started to use this at night, I do feel like I need a moisturizer after | Living Proof "frizz nourishing styling cream"- I love the way these products smell, I liked this as a starting hair product before some gel or hairspray, by itself it doesn't have a lot of hold | It Cosmetics "Confidence In An Eye Cream"- love this eye cream, feels nice on the skin | Colourpop Super Shock Shadow "Brady"- I wanted to love the Super Shock Shadow formula but I just never got into them and now this one is veryyyy dry | Cela "Creme de la Creme"- I got this from an Ipsy add on and I thought I liked it but I broke out into hives after, I am not sure it was caused by this but it did happen and it was bad | Polaar "Nuit Polaire" I also got this in an Ipsy bag, it was nice and hydrating but very scented

Speaking of empties:
I love this use of beauty empties as little planters!
Such a cute idea!

I also found this graphic from a 2018 Business of Fashion interesting 
and also wonder if it will hold up in a post-pandemic world 

Happy Humble Beauty Opinion!

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