Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Getting me some Gucci from @mr.0ptix on Instagram :: Spectacular Summer!

Today is a very special Spectacular Summer feature!
I finally scored one of my dream pairs of eyeglasses, 
these silver Gucci sparkle frames! 
I have wanted these for years at this point, 
when I saw that the fabulous @mr.0ptix had them,
I was beyond excited! 

The day has finally come for me to share that I am now part of the #GucciGang!
Aren't they STUNNING?!

You already know I love sparkle when they match my mani!
{mani is H&M "Encore"}

What I Wore: glasses- Gucci via @mr.0ptix, lips- Jordana "Honey Love", earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top- old, shorts- Target, shoes- from market in Thailand

I also answered some questions for @mr.0ptix #behindtheglasses series: 

1) Tell us your name (real/instagram) and what city, state you are located in. 
Briefly tell your followers what is one thing you love most about your city, state.

Emma Z @emmasglasses, blogger, 
I am a Jersey Girl but work in NYC. 
I love being close to both NYC, Philly and the Jersey Shore.

2) Next, tell us what your title in the optics industry is (optician, technician, edger)
 and the number of years you have been in the optics field.

I am the blogger a style blog, 
with a focus on eyewear and personal style. 
I have been blogging for over 9 years now, it started as my creative outlet 
while being a teacher and has grown into my personal career journey 
into the world of working in fashion.

3) Next, tell us what inspired you and lead you into the optics field, 
why you love the optics field, and what keeps you still in the optics field.

I absolutely love eyewear! 
I got my first pair of glasses in 8th grade and have really been hooked ever since. 
My first pair of leopard eyewear was a pair of Lafont glasses 
that I spent a while trying to convince my mom that I absolutely needed. 
That frame was the inspiration for my blog years later 
and Lafont glasses are still one of my faves!

4) Tell us why you love helping people see better, why you love making glasses for patients, 
and styling patients in new and funky eyewear?

I don’t really do this on a professional level, but I am the first person 
a lot of people call when they are in the market for new eyewear, 
both in real life and through my blog! 
I do love finding the perfect pair that makes the person wearing them 
feel like glasses are less of a burden and more of a statement 
and extension of their personal style.


I laughed out loud at this post that @glamoptometrist shared on her Instagram Story:

Be prepared to see A LOT of these Gucci frames, 
they are my new fave!

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