Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Myoon - Vintage Eyewear :: Spectacular Week!

A new-ish follow of mine in the eyewear world is @myoon πŸ”› Instagram:

This Instagram account is chock-full of some the most out-of-this-world eyewear 
I have seen!

Like these Angelo American frames that feature the Statue of Liberty 
released in the 1970s and 1980s.
This brand dates back to 1882 making it one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world!
Elton John wore many of their crazy and playful shapes!

"Bicycles" by Pierre Marly designed in the 1960s,
 "Some say Marly put spectacular into spectacles!"
He opened his first store in 1951 in Paris and became the "King of Spectacles"
who created avant-garde designs making eyewear into fashion statements 
as opposed to just items of necessity

These kissing fish named "Caraibe" were made by Louis FΓ©raud Paris,
limited to 150 editions
{for the record I would totally rock one of those 150!}

I WOULD LOVE to wear these "Snakes" by Angelo American from the 1980s,
subtle but SO cool!

Speaking of snake, these "Snake Eyes" sunglasses are so playful!
They are from A.C. Gilbert Co, an American toy company: 

Love these "Phoney Eyes" sunglasses from 1966 ☎️
These are from A.C. Gilbert Co, an American toy company: 

This pair of "Doves" is by Angelo American in the 1980s:

Another Anglo American frame with two guitars from the 1980s, 
I could totally see Elton John in these:

The "Joker" frames from Anglo American in the 1980s 
even has little bells attached!

These "Possum" frames by Anglo American were handmade in the 1970s 
was one of their earlier playful eyewear:

These "Pterogactyl" frames are from Anglo American in the 1980s:

These frames modeled after a parrot were made by DiffΓ©rences and named "Papagai", 
made in France in the 1980s:

 "Look" by Angelo American from the 1980s:

How FUN are these specs?!
Check out @myoon πŸ”› Instagram for even more spectacular specs!

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