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Humble Beauty Opinion :: March #64!

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion time! 

What I have purchased, loved, used up and every product in-between!

As per usual, let's start with my monthly subscriptions, 
this month's Ipsy was such a good one!
I love that they focused on female brands for Nation Women's History Month!

This Ipsy bag has a lot of gems!
I have been using and loving the OFRA "Star Island" highlighter almost daily! It is a great highlight!

I also have worn and loved the Helios Luminor Polish in "Living Lovely" multiple times since receiving it, it is a great color (reminds me of Essie's "Under Where?" which was also a favorite but I have passed it on since I have been loving the Helios one!

I also enjoyed the Space Case Cosmetics shadow in "Messy Lochnessy", 
especially around St. Patrick's Day!

I have yet to try both lip products to be able to give an opinion on them...

 I also ordered  the answer from eye cream form the "Extra Product" special that they sent at the beginning of the month, I love this feature! 
I was out of eye cream and this was perfect to try a new one for just $3! 

Another interesting email/feature Ipsy sent this month was this "Want another Glam Bag" email,
it was tempting but I decided to pass (this time around)

On the other hand... this month's Sephora Play was boring, to say the least.
I mean the Versace perfume is nice, I already have a Lashcraft mascara from another bag, 
& two dry shampoo products in the same bag?! 
A sunscreen & Nars "Laguna" bronzer- really the only product I am excited about.

I told myself that if this month's Sephora Play wasn't better that I would cancel my subscription and maybe treat myself to an extra Ipsy product at the start of the month if anything looks fun...
so bye bye Sephora Play, it was too inconstant and mainly skincare

I got my Colourpop order that I ordered right before February's Humble Beauty Opinion post,
So far, I LOVE both of the eyeshadows ("Earthshine" & "Rose All Day") 
& have been wearing them a lot, 
love the "What's Your Sign?" lipstick too,
I think that Colourpop created my cream red eyeliner "Try Me" that I have been searching for! 
I wore it on the blog HERE
{have yet to find the perfect look for the pink one, but the warmer weather is sure to inspire!}
Also loving the "Small Fluff Brush" for highlighter! 

Another exciting thing that happened in my Humble Beauty Month were these two Lime Life lipsticks from my aunt, I took the "203 Pinkies Up" shade {worn HERE}
and my sister took the 202 shade

and it is so FANCY! 
Smells rich (I mean it is $240!) & does look pretty on the skin, 
so excited to get to try this product and so far I am loving it!

I love the little stand it comes with and a little brush for the concealer that is in the top!

 I do have a couple things on my monthly wishlist, 
but have been trying to be better about using and loving what I have 
(& doing pretty good with that- see my empties below!)

I just love all the colors in this makeup look that elfcosmetics posted on their Instagram
of their collaboration with JKISSA

I love the look of this palette and would love to get my hands on it but it is sold out:

 I also really want to try this elf powerless putty primer that everyone was been talking about,
Trendmood1 on Instagram posted that it was back in stock but it sold out again,
 I want to get it!

 I also love these two shades from Devinah Cosmetics:

Back to Colourpop for a second...
they are having their Build Your Own Palette sale!

& the pallet options are so cute! 

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated & all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter- I love this stuff! Smells amazing and hydrating! Have continued to repurchase / Morphe "Continuous Setting Mist"- This is the second bottle I have used up of this stuff, I like the spray on it but I am not sure it is as good as the Urban Decay All Nighter but it is about half the cost / MAC Prep + Prime Fix+- I have been wanting to try this for years after hearing so much about it, I am not sure how I feel about it, the spray was terrible, big droplets all over my face, so I moved the product to a different bottle but it is still just okay, I tried it to wet a shadow like everyone talks about but it made the shadow even harder in the pan... happy to try it but don't think I would get it again / Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner- I love this stuff! I already have a new bottle, it is a refreshing way to start my makeup / Neutrogena SkinClearing "Natural Ivory 20" foundation- I really like this foundation, it is a great drug store foundation for my skin / Maybelline Age Rewind "Light Pale"- LOVE this canceler have repurchased and continue to! / OPI mini polish (why don't these mini's have names on them?!) I like this color but it is just too goopy to use anymore / Face shaver- this was good in the beginning (they are cheap) but it got dull / H2O+ Beauty "Oasis Hydrating Treatment"- I am not a huge fan of this it is kind of tacky and doesn't leave the skin feeling hydrated / Origins "GinZing" eye cream- I loved this and will probably invest in some when my other eye creams are done / Lush "Vanillary" solid perfume-    I have had this for years now, I love the scent but I am not sure about solid perfumes, I know they have since changed the packaging of this line / Sparkling must perfume- I don't know who makes this the writing on it is tiny and hard to read- I was an okay scent, nothing too special / Stella McCartney "Stella" perfume- I got this from a Sephora Play and LOVED it! I am sad it is done but will consider purchasing it when I am in the market for a perfume / OUAI Leave In Conditioner- I love the scent of all OUAI products, I love this product but the spray bottle stops working 3/4 of the way which is annoying / Wet n Wild "Brûlée" I love this for setting my under eye and brow bone, it is the perfect color for me! Have repurchased and continue to! / Milk "Blur Stick"- when I first used this I didn't think it was doing anything but the skin did look good after, I feel like it was done so quickly though, not sure I would purchase but it was nice / Tarte "Paaarty" blush- this was a Sephora birthday gift and I love this color, unfortunately when I went to use it the top broke off, so then I tired to depot it and it broke so now I have some of this shade as a loose powder, still love it but miss the little compact / Secret "Cool Waterlily" deodorant- a classic, this is my preferred type of deodorant and this scent was nice and not overpowering / Twin Lakes chapstick- wow this is OLD and when I used it the last time it was definitely past it's prime, I miss this brewery but this chapstick had to go!

bath: Mainstays "Woodland Sage" candle from Walmart- I love these chandles, so good for like $4! / Suave "Almond + Shea Butter" conditioner- I know this stuff is cheap but I REALLY enjoyed this conditioner and the pump is so convenient, I will repurchase! / SPA Haus "Saloon Shampoo"- another cheapo product but this one I can't recommend, it does not lather that well and is so slippy that it falls out of your hand before you can even get it on your head / Christophe Robin "Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt"- I got this from a Sephora Play and was shocked by how long it lasted, I only used it after hair colors or when I felt like I needed a scarf scrub but I was shocked at how little product goes so far and lathers well, I really enjoyed this product / Pantene Shampoo travel size- a good classic / ReThink CBD Gummy Drops- decided to try these to see what all the hype is about, I don't know if they have any effect but they taste good, we also got a spray version to try with Maggie the anxious bulldog, I am not sure that had any affect on her either but she seamed to eat her food with it faster / Gillette Venus Embrace razor head- I have used these for years and am happy to switch this one out / Revlon "Deep Burgundy"- went a little darker this month, still a favorite! / belif "Sleeping Mask"- At first I did not like this that much but the morning after using it I really did see a difference in my skin, it was so soft! Ended up loving it! / Animals "Penguin" face mask- these are so creepy but so fun, scares my dogs through (see picture below to also be scared) / Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Bar Soap x3- yup we are still loving this soap / Eva NYC dry shampoo- good thing Sephora play sent me two dry shampoos this month (JK) I love the scent of this Eva dry shampoo and it is a favorite / Not Your Month's "Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo" - this dry shampoo on the other hand is not a favorite, I don't like the scent and it lingers for a long time, it also would leave a white cast in my hair / Shaving Cream- found this from one of our travels, I actually enjoyed using this cream, wish I had more! / Sunday Riley "Ceramic Slip"- I loved this! My favorite beauty podcast FatMascara named it as a "Raise The Wand" products and I was happy to find it in my Sephora Play- I love the way this smells, I think it smells like fruit loops / feel Renewed "Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser"- I liked this but I prefer my scrubs to be more abrasive / equate "Makeup Remover Cleaning Towelettes"- these are my favorite make up remover wipes, I love the way they smell and that they are damp enough to take off my makeup and they are super cheap! / Botanics "Shine Away Iconic Clay Mask"- I liked this clay mask, it was a nice treatment I have a lot of masks to try right now but this was a good one! / hello "extra whitening fluoride toothpaste" - I don't really like the taste of this and feel like you need a lot of product to brush / Colgate Total- this is our usual toothpaste and it is a good basic / U Collection toothpaste from traveling- I love these little travel toothpastes, so convenient and this was a good one!

See the Animals "Penguin" face mask is quite creepy...
just ask my bulldog...

I laughed so hard at this post from lileyebutton on Instagram,
also her makeup looks are amazing- you should check her out and follow!
{source: via}

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