Friday, January 4, 2019

Faves For Friday

Get ready for some super random Faves For Friday that have been inspiring me lately...

I love this "The Last Dish" piece from FIT alumni @alvaro_arts

These pieces of furniture  from Nikolai Haas & Simon Haas 
are so creepy/cool as shared by wwd on Instagram:

I love this post that stephyreed shared on Instagram:

Timeoutnewyork on Instagram shared this Mandarine duck in Central Park
 and it is so beautiful, I had to share!

This sparkly joint shared by nastygal on Instagram is so memorizing:

I am obsessed with timparrispaintings on Instagram
I want to start a whole collection, this one is one of my faves:

My parents have been working with Raritan, NJ 
to become a "sister city" with my dad's hometown in Italy, Colle Sannita, 
and we got these John Basilone goodies recently 
which made me giggle and be proud all at once:

 I spotted this little sticker lady on my commute home and laughed out loud:

I love these stickers that mellenmade is now selling on Etsy
I just ordered myself one! 

 Charlie & I have been loving Better Call Saul on Netflix, 
but they only have the first three seasons up, so now we are stuck behind and by the time they release more we will probably forget where we left off 
(exactly what happened with Breaking Bad)

 I love this post that Shit Academics Say posted on Facebook:
 I did have a couple "UnFaves for Friday" this week:

I had to say goodbye to my FIT orientation water bottle, 
it leaks and it has been driving me crazy.
I love it but I can't have that unreliable ish in my life.

& I got rid of my Milly hologram wallet recently because it looks like crap.
It did not last at all, 
I had higher expectations for a wallet that was not cheap.

At least it is Friday...

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