Saturday, January 12, 2019

Spectacular Week :: Dolabany Eyewear

This week is SPECTACULAR!
I am sharing just some of glasses wishlist of brands/companies 
that I have had my  👀 on!

Today's focus (pun intended) is Dolabany Eyewear,
I first fell in love with this sea shell pair:
frames: Plume Paris model Tami}

& love all the stripe combos!
frames: Plume Paris Melissa in Tangerine Stripe}

frames: Maryella in color Mango Tango}

frames: Melissa}

I love these SouthWest vibes:
frames: Adrian}

These may be my favorite from Dolabany Eyewear,
especially the red + leopard pair:

These houndstooth frames are making me patterned heart sing!
frames: Malta}

Of course, I am here for the leopard print!
frames: Juliana}

Would love to try some of these fun patterns and bright colors 
from Dolabany Eyewear!

** Spectacular Week is not sponsored,
 just companies I am genuinely interested in trying out / frames I am obsessed with! ** 

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