Wednesday, November 28, 2018

WANTED Wednesday & Do It Yourself :: My mom's kitchen DIY makeover!

Over the summer my mom took on a massive project to update our kitchen.
I was completely blown away by the result 
& I wanted to share a little of her process and interview her about the whole ordeal.

Over Thanksgiving I finally got a chance to ask her some questions,
while sitting in her updated/super cute kitchen.
If anyone knows me or my family personally, 
the kitchen is EVERYTHING in that house.

We have had so many dinners, dance parties, and laughing fits in this kitchen, 
and with Mom's update- it is like a whole new world for new memories! 

Q: What made you decide to take on this project?
A: "The kitchen started to look dated then I was hearing it from my children that it started to look dated. The only time I argue with my husband is about house projects so I didn’t even ask permission I just did it."

Q: What was the first step?
A: "Talking about it to people that have done a lot of renovations in their one homes and someone convincing me I could actually do this. I wouldn’t have been able to do it (not a chance) without the help of my friends/coworkers Paola Lauterwasser and Emitza Chiu."

Mom- "I actually fell in love with this cool marble top table and that kind of started the whole thing off. I saw it in a store while being out to lunch and kept thinking about it, even went to visit it a few times."

SIDE NOTE- I mean this table all 😍

Stanley agrees.

Q: What was the hardest part? 
A: "The final decision to actually start. The emotional part of taking off the doors of the cabinets mean that you are actually in it and have to keep going. Finding out if the cabinets were real wood or not and if it was worth it to do it myself."

Q: What was something that surprised you about the process?
A: "That I could physically, actively do it. I was taking the stool to the cabinets, drill in hand and taking off the doors!"

Q: How did you decide color?
A: "Pinterest for before and after shots were helpful. Knew I had to be careful because it is the focal point of this house. And lots of swatches."
{source: via Pinterest}

Q: Recommendations for anyone thinking about doing this DIY?
A: "Have to be working with someone that has already done it. Buy everything ahead of time so you don’t have to slow up the process to go get something. The process of unscrewing the cabinets and getting protective plastic on the cabinets so we didn’t have to empty all of them was so helpful to know. Working with someone who has the equipment is important because you don’t even know what to go buy."

Q: How did you decide on tiles for the backsplash?
A: "I wanted something different that everyone didn’t have. I didn’t want anyone to be able to redo the Basilone kitchen."

Side note: I found this picture on Instagram and sent it to mom and it was an inspiration for the backsplash:

Q: What are other items you purchased for this project? 
A: "Paint, de-glosser, kept hardware, tiles, lots of little things, green tape for paint. Borrowed equipment (sanders, drills, glass tile cutter) from my friends who were helping."

Q: What was the total cost of the project? 
A: "About $2,500"

Q: What was the estimated cost of this project if it was not a DIY? 
A: "It would have been triple that starting at like $8,000" (WOAH that is a savings of $5,500!)

Q: How long did take? 
A: "5 days total, but not all consecutive because dry time and scheduling."

I love this picture 👆🏻, she looks so proud! 

Q: Would you do it all again? 
A: "Yes, I was very nervous about it, but it is a petty amazing result."

One of the last steps was to get new stools:

Such a huge update to the whole house!

Q: What is your favorite part of your new kitchen? 
A: "That it is just done! Although one project always causes another project. We did it with far less complications than I thought possible. Makes me want to have a new drill to fix everything!"

Q: Anything else you want to add that I haven’t asked? 
A: "Still want new covers for the electrical but the kitchen looks done so I can take my time with the little details."

Such an amazing result! 

I love this happy dance boomerang, 
I can't help but smile ear to ear when I watch it!

Way to go Mom + friends!

This inspires me to look at the possibilities of our kitchen, 
but I know we are years away from taking on any of those projects.

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