Saturday, November 24, 2018

November Humble Beauty Opinion #60!

It is the last Saturday of the month 
which means it is my monthly Humble Beauty Opinion post!

Lets start with monthly subscriptions!
1st up Sephora Play:
 I already know I love the philosophy purity wash and the laura mercier setting powder.
I used the Christophe Robin shampoo and enjoyed it, 
I have yet to try the Commodity perfume 
but I am excited to try it since I have heard good things, 
& I am excited to try the Sephora Cream lip stain in "40 Pink Tea"

This month's Ipsy was a good one too! 
I love the HUDA gloss in "Mystical", 
and the Lottie London in "Zayn" is a pretty color but why are these in plastic sheets 
and are not magnetic for a Z-Palette?!

 I thought it was a great business idea for Ipsy to send this email for extra products 
that you could add to your glam bag for a couple extra bucks.
They had some pretty good stuff although I passed on them this time:

Influenster sent me the "What A Girl Wants" VoxBox
 Full of goodies to review! 
I wasn't sure if I would like the Toffifay chocolates but they are so good!
I love having a couple with my morning coffee! 

Still need to use the Not Your Mother's spray 
and I have used and enjoy the Garnier Cleansing Water:

I love the two Sinful Color polishes, 
when I went to add them to my collection, 
I realized that the "Rorange" color is very similar to the Kl Polish in "Brick Sidewalk"

I have been wearing the Sinful Colors in "Vacation Time" for weeks now 
and I really enjoy the color,
at first I thought it might be similar to KL Polish in "Zoey"

I also got a few Coastal Scents Hot Pot shadows when they went on sale:

& they arrived! 
Left from top to bottom: Olivewood, White Silver, Barista
Right from top to bottom: Vibrant Red, Bombay, Gypsy Stone
I already knew I would love the White Silver & Bombay since I had little samples of them, 
Vibrant Red has been a surprise favorite, 
it is one of those shades that I put on and am happy with my look hours later!

Those single shadows were a great excuse 
to finally get this camo Z-Palette from Amazon 
that I have been wanting for months 

I LOVE it! 
It was the missing piece to my collection, 
I moved my green and duo chrome shades into it to stay on color theme

I also finally for this shelf from By Alegory on Amazon
and was so disappointed when it was so shallow that it doesn't hold my Z-Palletes,
so the hunt is back on and this has to be returned:

In one of my first Birchbox boxes, I got a Harvey Prince perfume 
that was in an unmarked green glass bottle and I loved it. 
So much so that I held on to a couple drops of it 
until I decided I was crazy and had to just use it up.
I have been trying to figure out what it is since and when I was cleaning my attic closet I found a little slip from a Birchbox and saw it said "Harvey Prince Skinny Chic"
So I ordered it to see if it was the scent I was looking for and...
spoiler alert, I AM NOT SURE =(

But I noticed that they sent a "special gift" for a "free" mini roller 
as long as you paid S&H with code "BEAUTIFUL"
I decided to take them up on it and ordered the perfume "Hello"
and I am pretty sure that THIS is the one I was looking for! 
& it came with three more samples!

I also got more wax for my Scentsy diffusers from Walmart,
I love these!

Also picked up this red eyeliner from Maybelline from Walmart, 
I really want a red eyeliner but have not been able to find a liquid one for a decent price,
this one is okay... 

What is on my radar for this month! 
Speaking of red eyeliner, 
this one from the PUR Grinch collection looks like a good one! 

The pallete also looks good too & I love a good green color-changing lipstick!

I want to try these eyeshadows from jcatbeauty
I want to try the "Coil Braid"

I wish I had enough ipsy points to redeem them for this IBY shadow in "Fire & Ice"

Another goodie on the wishlist this month was the James Charles x Morphe,
I didn't purchase it but I am still thinking about it, it looks so pretty!

{source: top- KL Polish on Instagram

looks like it is going to be a good one!

I love this sparkly holographic "Doe Eyed" polish from llarowe 

This is such a good idea to use a dome palette for brushes,
 as 👀 on palette on Instagram:

This wishlist is not only for me but I want this 

& what I have used up this month: 
beauty: Cuard "Vitamin A&D Ointment"- a great one for healing tattoos like my little ghost guy / Dace And Buster's chapstick- eh a good promo chapstick (even used up another crappy one this month!) / Blistex Lip Medex- this lasted forever, but it is a good classic chapstick! / "California Collection" from bhcosmetics- this is my second little sample palette (depotted for a Z-Palette) because I used up the gold "Malibu" shade / Wet n Wild "Warm Light"- loved this, great powder for the price / Mannakadar Step 2 in "c3 Flaeless Linen"- this was a little yellow for me so I ended up breaking it apart to dilute the color / Redken "Wax Blast 10"- I love this spray wax already have a back up / Cibu "So Tacky"- also love this styling gel / Neuma "instant fix" leave in conditioner- I liked this product but the sprayer stopped working 1/2 way through / Mugler "Angel"- I loved this scent and this little sample bottle! / Wet n Wild liner in "Trident's Shimmer"- I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this grey shimmer liner but it was so chunky from the get-go / Smashbox Photo Finish in "Radiance" & Make Up Forever Ultra HC Perfector- did not love these on their own but loved it mixed into my foundation / Harvey Prince "hello body cream"- loved this body cream

bath: Scentsy "Cozy Fireside"- love this scent! / Better Homes & Gardens "Mahogany & Sandalwood" from Walmart- I love this scent too! / Revlon Colorsilk "Intense Red"- this has been my go to for a couple months now, I love how bright this red is! / Two loofas- I don't think we replace these as much as we are "suppose to" but finally got two new ones! / SNP "Soothing Sheet Mask Dragon- gift from my sister and loved it (see evidence below) / equate "Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes"- these are my new favorite! They are cheap and I like how moist they are to take off my makeup / Wet n Wild "Under the Sheets"- these are also some of my favorites! / Dr. Bronner's "Pure-Castile Bar Soap" x 2- we have been loving these soaps! Really feel the clean with these / Gillette Mach3 shave gel- we got this from my Grandma as a gift to hint to Charlie to shave but I used it and it was a good staple shave gel / Agave sugar lip scrub & lip balm from bite beauty- loved this combo from my Sephora birthday gift / e.l.f. Lip  Exfoliator- initially loved this but it got a little too waxy at the end / Tube roller- I love these and now this one broke, it helps move toothpaste or any other tube product down so you don't waste a lot of product / Signature Care Tampons- a good generic tampon / method "Gel Hand Wash Refill"- I liked this but if it gets on the counter IT STAINS! 

How creepy/fantastic is this Dragon Sea Mask that my sister got me?!

What are you loving/using up/lusting after this month?! 
Do share! 

Happy Humble Beauty Opinion! 

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