Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Shopping: thrifting!

My new plan when I go thrifting is to check out the men's section because the hubby wants me to
help "style him" even though he doesn't need help, he just needs more options.

So I've been finding lots of good stuff! 
This "D ORAL" shirt was too funny/ironic, plus I like the pattern!

This JoS.A.Bank top was brand new, freshly dry cleaned, and perfect plaid for the holidays.

On a return visit, we found a lot more!
So many good patterns!

I fell in love with this West Side Story record, one of my favorite plays!
And yes we do have a record player ;)
+ this carpet caught my eye...

Turns out to be absolutly percent for our sunroom!

I love it!

I also fell in love with this handmade mushroom candle holder!

A great addition to our side table,
still needs work,
 like I said the struggle is real with styling side tables...

A few things that I liked but did not take home:
Kinda still wish I got this duffle:

I liked the staining and metal details of this piece, but no where for it to go

Charlie and I had a good laugh at this movie cover,
it is Arnold + Barry!

Speaking of pugs: why does Target not make this holiday sweater in big people sizes?!

Meanwhile at Walmart, I fell in love with these strange flannel sheets,
we were in the market for new sheets, but these took a little convincing for the hubby,
but I love them!

What are you shopping for these days?
Plus I hate to admit but I started holiday shopping already...

Early bird gets the worm presents!

Check out my vintage finds: InTheLeopardCloset on Etsy
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