Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cold Weather Wishlist

I have been trying to be very good about my spending/shopping,
I am trying to take pride in what I already own and use what I have,
that being said, what I have is not a whole lotta basics/solid color items,
that is what I've been focusing on purchasing to complete my patterned filled closet.

There are a few items that every time the cold weather rolls around I wish I had in my closet,
so here is my Cold Weather Wishlist!

{Some of these items are over laps from my main Wish/Shopping List page,
some of them are new or more cold weather specific!}

These new buffalo plaid phone cases at Minnie & Emma
designed my Grace Atwood, are fall perfection!
{Wish they were a little more cost friendly though}
 Black & White: here
Red: here

 Some tops I think would fit with a lot of my current wardrobe:
I love this grey one from JCrew with a little bit of gold flair on the shoulders {$45}
This popcorn knit from Old Navy is a perfect color and I love the texture of these knits {$25}
This olive color classic turtle neck from LlBean is the perfect layering piece this time of a year {$23}

I have wanted a military jacket with sequin sleeves, has been on my Wish/Shopping List, this one was from Amazon, but no longer available, any one know where I can get this?!
This plaid/leopard combo cape sweater is so cute,
I may have to go ahead and purchase from SheInside {$23}

I should have bought this camo vest from JCrew years ago, now I can't find it.
Maybe Ebay?
I also want a polka dot vest, this one was from Shop_lexis_finds on instagram, but is now alas, gone.

1. LlBean boots are a classic, I have wanted a pair since my hubby got a pair a few years ago, they are on back order but they are on my Christmas wishlist for sure! {$109}
PLUS: did you know that all LlBean clothing has a LIFETIME WARRANTEE! That means holes, stains, you grow out of it, etc! We use it for my hubby's close and it is like a lifetime wardrobe!
2. I love these short Cowboy-esk boots from Aldo, but I can't seem to find their style name, as seen on The Fashion Citizen on YouTube.
3. These olive quilted peep-toe heels from TOMS are the perfect color and I think this style is comfortable and super cute! {$98}. Similar to the style I wore to NYC.
4. I have been wanting leopard back booties for years now on my Wish/Shopping List, these are Michael Kors, but are no longer available, so I am on the hunt!

Also on my Wish/Shopping List is a Burberry-esk / or real ;) scarf,
I love the leopard mix one that is on my Wish/Shopping List,
but this one from Shop_lexis_finds on instagram is super cute, might have to pick it up!

I am also LOVING this marble necklace from Kendra Scott {$50}
Perfect for these cold / wintery months!

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