Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 3: Wear it Wed on Vacay!

Something that my dad loves to do {or suggest} on vacation is to stay up all night and watch the sun rise together, I guess we are too old for all nighters but we did get up at 5 am to watch the sun rise!

It is worth it to see everything in a more "natural state", 
there is something about the morning that feels so fresh 

& we got to see a sea turtle!

look close!

"Oh Hello!"

My parents still on the dock taking pictures 

& there was a pelican diving for fish, he was getting so close to us! 

& even on vacation Wear It Wednesday never stops! 
Featuring this fruit punch crop top!

What I Wore: sunglasses- hubby's RayBans, top- for sale in my etsy store InTheLeopardCloset fruit punch crop top {$15}, shorts- Cotton On, sandals- Target 

These sandals were a $7 score from Target before my trip & my mom pointed out that they leave peace signs in the sand when I walk! 

While taking a picture of my shoe imprint, I saw what I thought was a leaf but it was this yellow crab!

After the sun rise we decided to go back to bed for a few hours, 
we were on island time after all
{I think I am going to use this phrase in NJ too...
"Why are you late to work?" "Sorry I'm on island time"
I think it will work}
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