Saturday, August 2, 2014

Am I An American Blogger?

I've been meaning to watch the documentry American Blogger for a few months now,
I was intrigued for an inside look at fellow bloggers.
I know it got a lot of slack in the media for not being a "well rounded" representation of American Bloggers- ie. all of the women are attractive white females
but I watched it anyways. 
I think it was interesting to see what blogging means to different people, how people make blogging full time careers and an inside look at how they started and run their blog.
It got me thinking about why I do this whole crazy blogging thing, 
it has been chaotic over the last couple of weeks preparing to be away from my computer and pre-uploading posts for everyday that I would be away and planning for a week after to recap our trip.
I stopped and thought "why do I do this?" & "would people miss my blog if I didn't run it anymore"
I have been running for over 3 years now & I think I am just starting to get ahold of what I want my blog to represent. 
But when I really stopped to think about it I realized that I don't really do it for anyone else but myself.
I enjoy the creative outlet, my "day job" of teaching science can be largely dry, surrounded by "business casual" and people who honestly take their lives way too seriously. 
I blog to get interested in my closet, to make connections with people across the country, to be inspired, and to look forward to something after working a long day. 
It is hard not to get bogged down in the details, especially when it come to numbers, views, entries in giveaways, sponsorships and the like. But I enjoy coming here.
Writing has become one of my favorite adventures, 
a snap shot into my life,
{usually just the good because I feel like the negative things need to be handled with those they directly impact.} 
Enough rambling, I really just wanted to say thank you. 
Thank you for reading this blog, for the feedback and the inspiration.
P.S. I really really really want to attend a blogging conference, please let me know if you are going to any/know of any! 

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