Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Make up trial!

Since our honeymoon has been fully blogged, I bet you thought Wedding Wednesdays were over, 
not quite, I want to share some of the preparation process & more wedding pictures as they become available!
Deal? Okay good... tis my blog after all!

Today is the wedding makeup trial! 
I had my makeup done by Bobbi Lyn Makeup
She did AMAZING!
I loved my makeup on my actual wedding day:
I knew that I had picked the perfect makeup artist when we did the trial!

For the actual wedding I selected more of a cat eye 
& had to go with a hot pink lip- Urban Decay "Anarchy"
= perfection

What I Wore: {contacts- AH!- not a fan for the record, don't get used to it...}, top- thrifted, shorts- Mikkat Market, sandals- Sam & Libby for Target, bag- Michael Kors 

Shout out to the lounging bunny in the background of my outfit pictures,

& to my littlest sister with a "mustache" and the pug who is desperate to be held.

Happy Hump Day, 
or Wedding Wednesday as I like to call it around here...

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