Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: the final day on the honeymoon!

Good bye Hotel Alyeska & your golden elevator doors! 

We started our final day in Alaska with a mushroom hunt {naturally}
"Attack of the Decomposers" 

Then we headed to Anchorage to explore before boarding to go home,
first stop, Glacier Brewhouse

Food was so good!
Best chowder I had in Alaska!

When shopping in the same plaza as the brewhouse,
beautiful furniture! Love that Alaska wood piece on top!

 When we walked in I spotted these amazing d'orsay flats in the window display from the store Shuzy Q!

I went in and of course it turns out that my size is the one in the display,
had to get them!

I spoke to the woman at the store and she told me she met with the designer & got to discuss his designs!

Then we got to explore the outdoor market in Anchorage

The husband wanted "a wolf shirt"
I had to pick up this one, very reminiscent of the Givenchy Rott top for $10!

One of my favorite booths was the eskimo artist Ken Lisbourne, 
we bought a little print in a frame and it is on the bookshelf in our bedroom
One of my favorite souvenirs from Alaska!

What I Wore: pink glasses- Steve Madden, top- vintage via Katherine Thrifts on Etsy, belt- Black and Tan Leather, jeans- Levis, boots- Target, jacket- NorthFace from Hotel Alyeska

This "state blouse" that I scored from KatherineThrifts was the perfect going home top,
of course I had to change into my new shoes for the flight!

You can bring home fish!
& crab!

After a day of traveling, we finally made it home!

It has been so fun to relive our honeymoon on this blog, 
thanks for reading =)

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