Tuesday, November 12, 2013

orange you glad...

Strange warm days of fall... but I heard snow is coming...
correction- I blogged this last night when it was 60+ degrees out & woke up to this:
Not valid until it is a snow day...

not going to lie- looking forward to snow days, until then wear more & more orange =)

 What I Wore: glasses- Midnight Blue Sinclairs Warby Parker, top- WD NY {via Marshalls}, necklace-  BaubleBar, belt- JCrew, pants- Target, flats- Payless, bag- Hello Kitty

Current arm candy: 
 top: silver- gifted, yellow- BaubleBar, ships- Kate Spade, green- from jade store in Alaska, string- wish bracelets from Italy
bottom: leather- Black and Tan Leather, feather- Alex & Ani, silver- David Yurman, copper- from New Zealand 

Now off to some grad school... 
{is this semester over yet... where is that masters degree?!}

Let's pretend that snow didn't happen this morning & cut to videos of my dogs playing in the leaves...
because it is STILL FALL. No matter what the snow says!

Weather- get it right. Snow better be enough for a day off or don't even bother!


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Tara said...

Love the orange top on you, so cute with the dotted pants!