Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Shopping: Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

On Saturday, my sister and I had a little adventure into NYC
 for the biannual Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale! 

I went last year with my youngest sister, & to be honest there wasn't that much new stuff.
Lots more clothes but I already have my cherished Becky Jacket, so not too much to be desired...

rainbow of MACs! 
I will take one in every color please! 

I fell in love with these two MAB bags, 
but for $250 {granted down from $500 something...} I just couldn't swing it.
Next time MAB- you will be mine!

I also fell in love with this computer case. 
I kept picking it up and putting it down... 
& my sister was finally like "Good God, I will get it for you for Christmas!"
This is so adorable & a score at $45!

So we were about to check out, when I spotted this baby from across the room, 
 As soon as I saw it I knew I needed this M.A.B Tote Mini! 
Love the metallic finish & it is just so damn cute!
I didn't see any others around so I asked an employee how much it was & her response? 
"Where did you find that?! I guess $50!"
Online a M.A.B Tote Mini is $160-$195!

& I also got this phone case for my sisters 18th birthday! 

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, top- Forever 21 {via Jess from My Here and Now Life blogs Poshmark closet!}, under button up- thrifted, necklace-lovealwaysbysd, belt- Betsey Johnson, pants- LC Lauren Conrad for Khols, loafers- Forever 21, bag- Rebecca Minkoff

Felt like a groupie rocking my Becky jacket this year!

also loving my new lipstick from this month's ipsy bag
EM Michelle Phan lip gallery creamy color sheer lipstick in "Violaceous"
I have been wanting a purple hue lipstick & this one is perfect!
& pug hugs of course!

ipsy has been awesome lately!
I especially love the last few months with EM Michelle Phan samples,
I really want her life pallet because the sample was so amazing,
maybe this month with the new ipsy discount code!

That blush color and eye shadows are SO pretty & pigmented!

Anyways back to NYC, 
of course our next stop was Eatly!

My beautiful sister & her new bag!

After Eatly we wandered around the city & stumbled across one of the strangest places 
I have seen in the city, 
As we were walking in they were like "Closing in 3 minutes" which became a strange mob scene with doors closing & a horror film feeling... 
but I did fall in love with that silver animal necklace, 
but for $150 it was not leaving the strange "Garage Antique Flea Market"

 Never a dull moment NYC,
until next time! 

Here are some other purchases for this week's Sunday Shopping:
1.Isabel Marant for H&M tassel necklace {$35}// 2. Isabel Marant for H&M Smile Sweatshirt {$50}- had to get the kids size- hope it fits! // 3. Hive & Honey Embellished Shoulder Military Shirt {Piperlime for $14!} // 4. Princess Vera Wang for Khols Smoking Flats- {$22} PERFECT for my blogging side! // 5. Sira & Mara Orchid necklace {$9 Flash Sale!}

& I also updated my Wish/Shopping List!
{click to see details/links!}

Also working on my Christmas List!
Happy Sunday Shopping!

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Ashtastical said...

I'm so jealous of your trip to NYC. Nothing cool like that happens in Texas! :(